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Double Dutch


Double Dutch

This is an indica-dominant strain that will give you amazing high effects that you have always wanted. It comes with a 60:40 ratio for indica/sativa respectively. Being an indica dominant strain, you can expect more of the physical effects. The strain will always push you to enjoy using it more often than other strains you have used before. Being one of the top indica strains, you can expect more people to feel comfortable using it. It has been seen as one of the best because of physical and mental it offers to the users. This might intrigue you to learn more about its parents. Unfortunately, not much is known about its parents. It has been kept a secret by the breeder. With the many benefits it has to offer, not many would bother knowing more about its genetics.

The strain comes with a THC level of 18%. This kind of THC level is impressive so that you do not have to worry about having an overwhelming high. As much as it is an indica strain, it will not be overwhelming that you feel to stay on the couch the whole time. Such a potency for an indica strain is good even for the newbies to enjoy. Sometimes you get an indica strain has a high THC level that makes it hard for newbies to enjoy. As much as it is low in THC, it does not mean you go hard on it. Pace yourself if you want to keep enjoying this marijuana strain.

At first, it is possible that your body will feel lazy. This is normal for any indica strain. It tends to give you the couch lock syndrome, but the best part is that it does not last forever. The high on the other hand can kick in harder than when using sativa strains. Within a couple of minutes, you should be high already on this strain. The good thing is that you will not start coughing when using this strain. Many who have used it always end up having a nice time getting high without coughing on every hit they take.

The strain is quite impressive when it comes to the relaxation part. It is an indica-dominant strain, so that was expected. The deep relaxation is what you need if you have to forget about your worries in no time. It is the reason such a strain would be good for those with stress symptoms. The strain is also good for those who cannot sleep. The deep relaxation is good to rock you to sleep in no time.

The strain is good when it comes to the flavors. You will notice an impressive coffee and fruity flavor each time you smoke the strain. It also comes with a woody and spicy undertone to the flavor. There is no doubt that you will feel comfortable using the strain for longer. The strain is also good when it comes to the type of aroma you get. The strain gives off an earthy and floral aroma that you will always like. There is a bit of sweet undertones to it.

Growing is a bit simpler than what many people expect. You will be able to grow it by using some basic knowledge of growing marijuana. It is possible to get access to the various seeds needed to grow it with ease. Many stores sell its seeds today. You can end up with a moderate to high yield based on how you take care of it.

Why patients use the Double Dutch strain

Many patients have found this to be a great strain for dealing with pain ailments. If you are always in pain, this strain can come in handy to deal with the pain starting today. The strain is also good for treating depression, fatigue and many other ailments.

Medical uses of the Double Dutch strain

Chronic pain

Side effects of the Double Dutch strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Double Dutch strain


Indica 65% and Sativa 35%


The parents are unknown

Stoned meter

The strain scores 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

The THC level of 18%


The breeder is unknown

Flowering Time

The flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors is ideal for the strain

Plant Height

Medium plant height


Moderate to high yield

Growing skills

Easy to grow

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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