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Doyon Bud


 Doyon Bud

The Doyon Bud marijuana strain is made purposely for those who need their moods uplifted. Sometimes you could be down, but with the use of the strain, you can expect to experience better moods for the day. The strain is a hybrid with the proportions indica 50% and sativa 50%. This just goes to show that you will get be getting the best of both worlds at all times.

Before someone can choose their best strain, then he or she would want to know more about the type of high to expect. The strain comes with an amazing high that should make you use it even more often. The best part is that the high kicks in immediately. Now more waiting for more than 15 minutes just to fee the effect of the strain. Well, the high can last for 3 hours sometimes. You will no longer have to use more marijuana just to maintain your high. Since the strain can be intense, all newbies are required to take it slow. You have to consume small doses at first before going mental on it.

The THC levels of the strain have been tested to be around 15 to 18%. This should work for most people who are looking for something strong depending on their uses. The plant is also characterized by having huge foliage and lime green buds covered in crystal dust. The buds have a distinct look that should make it easy to identify the strain from a group of several strains.

You will not fail to experience the pungent skunky aroma that comes from the strain when smoked. The aroma is so strong that once it hits your nostrils, be sure that all the sense in your body will be awake. It should then be able to reach your body easily. That is not all, as it comes with pine flavor that many people love. In no time you should be burst with energy and euphoria.

Growing of the strain does not need a lot, but you might want to learn more about growing marijuana first. Having moderate skills could come in handy to deal with various issues that might come along while growing the strain. It has an average height so it should not be hard to grow in common greenhouses. You can grow it outdoors, but it might not thrive as good as when in the greenhouse.

It does not take a long time for you to start noticing the flowering process. It can take an average of 10 weeks for the plant to start flowering. This should prepare you for the harvesting season just around the corner. Talking of harvesting, you should expect a medium yield with this type of strain. Considering that it does not need a lot of work when it comes to growing, it should be okay for most people.

Why patients use the Doyon Bud strain

There is no doubt that the patients will like the idea that the strain gives you a boost in your moods. Most people could use a boost as work or family matter can be tough often. That is not all, if you are having problems with eating, then this should come in handy. Once used, the strain can help deal with loss of appetite.

The soothing nature of the strain can help a lot for those who need to unwind. It is the same thing for those who are suffering from stress.

Medical uses of the Doyon Bud strain

Mood lifter
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Doyon Bud strain

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Information about the Doyon Bud strain


Indica 50% and Sativa 50%


The parents of the Doyon bud are unknown

Stoned meter

The strain scores an impressive 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

The strain has THC levels of 15 to 18% based on various tests


The breeder of the Doyon bud is unknown

Flowering Time

The flowering time of the strain can take between 8 to 10 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

Growing the plant in greenhouses is found to be ideal because of the conditions

Plant Height

It has a medium height


You can expect to get a medium yield with the strain

Growing skills

It needs the basic gardening skills to grow the strain

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported on using this strain


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