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If you are in the market for some good hybrid marijuana strain, then the Eldorado strain could be the one for you. This strain is predominantly sativa hybrid. Its roots can be traced to Oaxaca Mexico. The exact breeder or genetics are not known. It seems like the breeders took a great deal to remain anonymous. Thanks to its cerebral stimulation effects, some people have tried to replicate it without much success. They would always end up with just a different strain.

As suggested earlier, the strain will give you a powerful cerebral stimulation. Such stimulation might be what most patients and recreational smokers are looking for. The stimulation is good for you to become more creative and energized. You can be able to work on some ideas while under the influence of the strain. Most of the users have reported that they felt focused than ever when using the strain.

The pungent aroma that comes from the strain can be felt several rooms away from where it is being smoked. The best part is that it is a strong fruity smell, so most people should be comfortable with it. The taste is also described to be pungent and also fruity. You should now enjoy smoking the strain without a doubt.

So, what about the high of the strain? This is something that would interest many people. They would always want to pick a strain that gives them a better high. Expect to experience extreme high with the strain. It can last even two hours if you smoke a bit of it. The strong potency of the strain is due to the high THC levels. The THC levels are stated to be between 15 to 20 percent. This type of high is going to make the strain popular among users who need something strong.

The indoors method is often seen as the best way to grow the strain. It is possible to grow it outdoors, but you will be faced with many challenges. As for the growing skills, it needs from basic to medium skills. You do not have to be an expect to start growing this type of weed strain. Once grown, you will note it has fluffy and airy buds with deep green color. It can take an average of 11 to 13 weeks for flowering and has a medium yield.

Getting the seeds for the strain is not a problem for most growers. Since the strain has a successful portfolio, it has managed to attract more people into growing it. You will get that many people enjoy growing the strain as it is resistant to pests and molds. The worst can be when the strain is infested with mold, but you do not have to worry with this model.

Why patients use the Eldorado strain

The strain has quite the stimulation to the cerebral. This is something that patients who are looking for relaxation would want. The relaxation could be important for those who are suffering from stress and depression. This relaxation will make you forget about your worries. Those suffering from anxiety could also benefit from using such a strain.

It is not just for those with anxiety, if you need to clear your mind and focus on a project, then this is the right strain for you. If you have been trying to complete a project for a while now, this could help you get creative.

Medical uses of the Eldorado strain


Side effects of the Eldorado strain

Heady effect
Dry mouth

Information about the Eldorado strain


Sativa 50% and Indica 50%


The parents of the Eldorado strain are unknown

Stoned meter

The strain manages to score an average of 7.5 on our stoned meter

THC level

The THC level of the Eldorado strain is between 15 and 20%


The breeder of the Eldorado strain is unknown, though it can be traced to Oaxaca, Mexico

Flowering Time

The strain has an average of 11 to 13 weeks in terms of flowering time

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors is seen as the ideal growing method of the Eldorado strain

Plant Height

The plant height of the strain is unknown


It has a moderate to high yield depending on how you care for it

Growing skills

It needs easy to moderate growing skills

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported on the Eldorado strain


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