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Free Leonard


Free Leonard

Free Leonard is an Indica-dominant hybrid named in support of the campaign to free Leonard Peltier, a Native American activist, from unjust, politically motivated incarceration. It has traditionally always been a rare and difficult strain to find, but now its legendary effects are widespread knowledge. The thick layer of trichomes on these buds makes Free Leonard a temptation not wise to ignore.

This is an iconic strain. Everyone should try it, and indeed, more and more are. Free Leonard smells heavenly, like the juiciest of fruits. Its effects are long lasting and its potency worthy of consideration: Some hallucinate mildly on this strain, which could last three hours, more likely around five hours. It has no cannabidiol to combat the effects of too much THC. If sensitive to THC, have a CBD-rich strain nearby.

Why Patients Use Free Leonard

This strain is extremely effective medicinally, and not just for a handful of patients with serious diseases, but also for most common symptoms and illnesses families faces regularly in the United States. Free Leonard is a strain for everyone, but it is not suitable for use during the day. It promises uninterrupted sleep, and it is a strong enough muscle relaxant to help those suffering muscular pain and disorders.

Medical Uses of Free Leonard

Chronic Pain
Muscle Spasms

Side Effects of Free Leonard

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Free Leonard


90 percent Indica and 10 percent Sativa


Free Leonard is the famous child of the G13 and Butterscotch Hawaiian strains.

Stoned Meter

This strain scores a nine on the stoned meter. It is knockout effective at causing couchlock.

THC Levels

Free Leonard is a potent strain frequently measuring extremely high THC levels of 22 percent.



Flowering Time

The flowering cycle of Free Leonard is complete within 12 weeks, with 10 weeks being the average.

Ideal Growing Method

Free Leonard grows best indoors, but it can do well in the right outdoor climactic conditions.

Plant Height

This plant is on the short, bushy side. It rarely exceeds four feet in height and grows enormous colas.


In comparison to other hybrids, this strain yields extremely well for its size. Its colas are spectacular.

Growing Skills

This is an easy strain to grow, but it requires advanced cultivation skills to maximize its yields.

Potential Problems

Free Leonard is a dank-smelling strain that may require air filtering and exhaust systems to hide it.


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