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Fruity Pebbles


Fruity Pebbles

The Fruity Pebbles Strain is a sweet smelling marijuana strain that you might like today. It has found its way into people’s heart thanks to such sweet smell. The unique flavor will also give you something to talk about with your pothead friends. The name of the strain is due to the tropical aroma and many other traits we will get to see later. One thing you might note is that getting it might not always be easy. It is hard to get it from your regular dealer. It might take some searching, but when you find it, there is no doubt you will enjoy every bit of it.

Being rare means that you have to spend top dollar even when you get it. Being a smooth powerhouse, some users would be intrigued to know more about its parents. Well, for this strain the parents are Tahoe Alien, Grand Daddy Purple, and Green Ribbon. It has inherited most traits from all these parents becoming one of the most sought after strain. The strain is highly potent, so expect it to sweep you off the feet quite easily. It is incredibly strong such that it has impressed more veteran users who would have wished all strains had the same effect.

One of the common effect of using this strain is that it will keep your head clear. This is all due to its ability to stimulate a cerebral high. You will also find yourself feeling happy even if you had troubles. The steady euphoria will keep you steadily in a good mood at all times. If you are having a bad day at work, this could be the best way to deal with it as it gives you an uplifted mood. The strain is also fun for those who are in turmoil. For once you get to forget about your troubles.

It comes with a distinctive fragrance that you will never miss to notice. It is an extremely pungent fragrance that might be strong for many people. It is one of those strains that hiding is not easy. The smell will still be felt. You might want to keep it under layers of berry scent flowers or any other way to cover the smell. As for the flavor, you will note it has a taste of sweet wild berries. This could at least cover for the pungent fragrance it possesses.

Growing might not always be easy and coming by its seeds is hard in the first place. When you get the seeds, you will have to pay a lot of money to buy them. This strain needs to be grown in an area with adequate space as it can be tall and wide. More space gives it room to give you maximum yield. If you get to grow it indoors, you can expect to have average yield. The flowering will take place after 8 to 9 weeks. This is a relatively short time to flower.

Why patients use the Fruity Pebbles strain

The strain gives you a pleasurable smoking experience. That being said, you still get a list of medical uses that patients could enjoy. One thing you will enjoy should be the boost of energy to the patients. If you are always feeling fatigued, this could help you with boosting your energy levels. Chronic stress and any related symptoms could be treated with this strain. The Euphoric effects should leave such patients happy and deal with their depression issues. It could still be an alternative way of treating chronic pain.

Medical uses of the Fruity Pebbles strain

Chronic fatigue
Loss of appetite
Bipolar disorder

Side effects of the Fruity Pebbles strain

Cotton mouth

Information about the Fruity Pebbles strain


Indica 55% and sativa 45%


Green Ribbon, Grand Daddy Purple, and Tahoe OG

Stoned meter

It gets a score of 9 on our stoned meter

THC level

It has a THC level of 21%


Infamous Alien Genetics Cannabis Farms

Flowering Time

The strain takes 8 to 9 weeks to flower

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors should be ideal for growing the strain

Plant Height

It grows tall so give it more room for being tall


It comes with an average yield when grown correctly

Growing skills

You have to be an experienced grower to cultivate this strain

Potential problems

There are no potential problems that have been reported on using this type of strain

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  1. Avatar for Alma Alma August 13, 2019 / 11:24 pm / Reply

    Love this flavor

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