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Fuzzy Wuzzy


Fuzzy Wuzzy

The Fuzzy Wuzzy strain is one of the top sativa strains you could buy today for various reasons. Many people would use it for recreational and medical uses. Yes, it is possible to use the recreational marijuana to deal with various ailments. The strain’s parents are unknown. It seems like the breeder wanted to keep it a secret from the competitors. Even the breeder is still unknown after making such an impressive marijuana strain. Normally, you would expect the breeder would be out there celebrating the fame. That aside, the strain is relatively good when it comes to the kind of high you get. Since it is a sativa-dominant strain, it will give you a clear mental high.

The strain has had various THC tests taken to understand the potency of the strain. From the various tests, the highest ever achieved is 24%. This goes on to show that the strain is highly potent. It might be a reason you get many people going for it. The strain is easy to find. If you check in various marijuana stores, you cannot miss it. This should make most cannabis users happy when their favorite marijuana strain is easily available.

The effects of the strain are smooth. The high kicks in slowly so that you do not worry about a hard-hitting high. Sometimes you might not even know when you get high until it is too late. The best part is that you get cerebral high rather than a high with serious physical effects. This kind of high helps with unlocking your mental clarity. Many people who have tried it always end up having an easier time remaining alert, but still enjoy the high from the strain. This has made the strain good for using during the day without worrying that you will end up with a couch lock syndrome.

Another thing you will notice from the high should be the euphoria you get from the strain. The euphoric effects can help a person to be happy. Sometimes people just help themselves, but smile when using this strain. It could also help with uplifting your mood. If you recently had stress and depression, then the strain can help uplift your moods in no time. The high also can last for a long time. It is estimated that it can might make you high for 3 hours. Since it is a good feeling, who would not like to stay high?

The strain has quite the statement to make when it comes to the flavors. The strain gives off a hash, herbal, and woody flavor. This is going to appeal to many people who need something that smells and tastes good. It also has an amazing aftertaste to keep you smoking it.

As for the growing part, the strain is relatively easy. You might however need a few skills to grow it. Those who have tried claim that it could use a few maintenance needs but not a lot. The strain is amazing when it comes to the yield. When grown in the right conditions, it should give you a high yield. It can take an average of 9 to 10 weeks to flower. This is a normal time for the marijuana strain to flower.

Why patients use the Fuzzy Wuzzy strain

The strain also comes with impressive medicinal uses. For most patients, they have used the strain for treating appetite loss. By the time your high comes down, you will be feeling hungry. The strain is also good for depression and stress symptoms. It will make you feel relieved so that you can forget about your worries. It can also be used for handling chronic pain in patients.

Medical uses of the Fuzzy Wuzzy strain

Chronic pain
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Fuzzy Wuzzy strain

Dry mouth
A bit of paranoia

Information about the Fuzzy Wuzzy strain


Sativa 80% and Indica 20%


The parents are unknown

Stoned meter

It scores 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 24%


The breeder is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 9 to 10 weeks to flower

Ideal Growing Method

It can be grown indoors and outdoors

Plant Height

It has medium height


It comes with a high yield

Growing skills

It is easy to grow

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported

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    I want some Fuzzy Wuzzy

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