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Hawaiian Snow


Hawaiian Snow

The Hawaiian Snow has quite the reputation when it comes to earning itself awards. The strain has been notable for getting many awards over the years and thus its popularity. The strain will give you quite the performance when it comes to using it. It is known for having impressive cerebral high since it is sativa-dominant. The strain is also created from a range of top strains on the market today. The parents are Pure Haze, Neville’s Haze, and Hawaiian Haze. You can be sure to end up with a strong strain that gives you the best high ever.

As much as the cerebral high of the strain sometimes could be overwhelming, many people find it great to use. With a THC level of 23%, there is no doubt this one of the most liked strain. You can be sure it will get you high, but still make you aware of your surroundings. The effects cannot be compared to the indica-dominant strain which would make you easily sluggish.

The smoke experience is that you will like it even for a newbie. The high can be intense later, but it is smooth hitting. It creeps on you so that you can enjoy the strain without worrying of a hard hitting high. Once the high has settled, you will have better mental clarity. This could be for people who need ideas to work on a problem. With a clear head, you can always think better and make proper judgements. With the level of creativity from the strain, there is no doubt you will get many people opting for the strain.

The strain is still good when it comes to making you feel good about yourself. These are the euphoric effects of the strain. If you were in a bad mood, then you can easily deal with the mood swings with this strain. It gives you a chance to stay happier than ever before. The strain is also seen as good to promote social interactions. You might also notice that you end up having a good time feeling energized. This is what sativa strains do. They help you feel energized to fight fatigue.

The fragrance you get from this strain is one of the freshest you have ever smelled before. It is quite the combination. You will smell spices and incense with bits of fruity citrus and eucalyptus scents. You might feel as if you are in the tropical pine forest with such type of scent. As for the flavor, the users have found it to be complex. You will note the tropical pine and eucalyptus flavors being evident. You can also taste the citrus undertone when you exhale the smoke.

The strain needs a person with experience growing marijuana to manage it. It will need a lot of work when it comes to maintenance and thus the need for experience. Even those much work has to be done, the harvesting on the other hand will be appreciated. Expect to get a high yield. You can cultivate it indoors or outdoors. Just make sure to provide the right conditions to help the strain grow easily. It comes with the longest flowering time of 14 weeks. You might need to be patient just a bit.

Why patients use the Hawaiian Snow strain

The medicinal properties of the strain make it quite notable among many people. The strain has a high CBD level that makes it good for medical uses. You can use it as a stress reliever. If you are always stressed, then you what to use now. The strain is also good for those who always have depression issues. Other conditions that could treated using the strain include Bipolar Disorder and ADHD.

Medical uses of the Hawaiian Snow strain

Chronic pain
Chronic pain
Bipolar Disorder

Side effects of the Hawaiian Snow strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Hawaiian Snow strain


Sativa 100%


Pure Haze, Neville’s Haze, and Hawaiian Haze

Stoned meter

It scores 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It has a THC level of 23%


The breeder is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 14 weeks to flower

Ideal Growing Method

It can do good both indoors and outdoors

Plant Height

It is a tall plant


High yield

Growing skills

It needs an experienced grower

Potential problems

No problems have been reported


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