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Hindu Kush


Hindu Kush

This is a pure indica strain that you will love using today. The strain is named after the region it was first created. You now have an idea where the strain came from. The Hindu Kush strain is among the best smelling strain you could use today. It comes with a pleasant fragrance and it can be an effective tranquilizer. It is calming and invigorating effects can come in handy for various ailments patients might have. The strain has pure indica genetics and can have THC levels as high as 20%. There is no doubt that you will find it interesting to enjoy a pure indica strain.

The pure indica strain is best for nighttime use most of the time. This is all because of the powerful sedative nature of the strain. It is expected that you will be able to get a restful night the moment you get to use the strain. This can easily make the strain good for those who need something for resting after work. The sedative effects make the strain good for evening use. Using it during the day might make you unproductive and that is not what you want while at work.

It is not just about relaxation; the strain is also good when it comes to uplifting your mood. If you had a hard time at work, then you can rely on the strain to help you with uplifting your moods. The euphoric effects also make a person to giggle a lot. You might end up being social than ever before when you use this strain. You should also have some food in the fridge as at the end of the high or sleep, you will be really hungry. It is the reason some people use it to deal with loss of appetite symptoms.

The hindu kush strain boast of being exceptionally fragrant. It comes with an aroma that you will like having in the room. The indica strain gives off a pleasant earthy and pungent scent of a mixture between pine needles and a sweet flowery undertone. The strain is still good when it comes to tasting it. You will notice sweet and spicy notes when smoking the strain.

The strain will easily grow outdoors when you have a warmer climate outdoors in your area. This is because of the type of weather in the area it originates from. It is a short plant, so you can also grow it easily indoors if you want. It is recommended that you grow it using the SOG method if you decide to do it indoors. With its short plant height, you can easily fit more marijuana plants in a small area. Cultivating the strain on the overall is not hard. You just need to have some basic information about growing the strain and it will get the job done. It can take an average of 7 to 8 weeks for the plant to flower. The harvest is expected to be generous when growing the plant. Well, who would not love a high yield harvest?

Why patients use the Hindu Kush strain

Most doctors who recommend marijuana for their patients would pick this one at some point. The strain has shown its immense performance when it comes to handling extreme cases of chronic stress. Many people could benefit from having such a strain for themselves at home. It is able to calm you thanks to its deep relaxation effect. This should also make it great for those suffering from pain. This type of strain is also good for treating cases of insomnia. It gives you a deep relaxation that will get you sleeping in no time.

Medical uses of the Hindu Kush strain

Chronic pain
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Hindu Kush strain

Cotton mouth
Dry eyes

Information about the Hindu Kush strain


Indica 100%


The parents are unknown

Stoned meter

It scores an average of 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 20%


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 7 to 8 weeks for the plant to flower

Ideal Growing Method

It is deal to grow the strain indoors using the SOG method

Plant Height

It is a short plant


It offers a high yield

Growing skills

It is easy to grow

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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