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Huckleberry Wow

Yuckleberry Wow

Huckleberry Wow Strain

Huckleberry Wow is strain of marijuana with unknown origins. Due to its scent and flavor many suggest that it may have descended from the Blueberry marijuana strain. Huckleberry Wow can be distinguished by its compact, light green color and it is usually covered in orange hairs. Huckleberry Wow is a Sativa dominant variety that has a thick and tightly packed bud structure. It will sometimes have purple leaves and the flowers sometimes have a silver sheen due to the presence of white trichomes. Huckleberry Wow will release a thick and harsh smoke when combusted with a fruity sweet exhale.

The effects of Huckleberry Wow come on quite quickly and they are usually described as a stimulation of cerebral thinking with a jolt of energy. Because of this, it is very useful for people who need to get work done or even for analytical problem-solving. It can also be used for those who need to perform tasks requiring some creativity. In later stages, the body high takes over resulting in a state of drowsiness and relaxation. It is a hybrid that provides a good mix of a cerebral high and a physical high. Huckleberry Wow can have trippy visual and psychedelic effects. No large commercial seed companies have made Huckleberry Wow seeds available online, and as such growers must obtain clippings from nature.

Why do Patients Use Huckleberry Wow?

Huckleberry Wow is well known in the medical marijuana community. Due to its rare ability to maintain focus and to increase analytical problem-solving skills, it is the perfect strain for those suffering from ADHD and other mental disorders. It can also help people suffering from stress or depression, and has moderate pain relief properties, though perhaps not as much as some of the stronger strains of Indica. In higher doses, it has been said to be effective in the treatment of insomnia. It is not ideal for those prone to anxiety due to its psychedelic properties, or for those who are averse to high levels of THC. It is also ideal for everyday users who want to get some extra energy at home or work. It is an uplifting strain that gives a fresh influx of energy and creativity to patients.

Medical Uses of Huckleberry Wow

Problem Solving

Side-Effects of Huckleberry Wow

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Information about Huckleberry Wow


50% Indica 50% Sativa


Origins unknown, possible a descendent of the Blueberry marijuana strain.

Stoned Meter

Huckleberry Wow has a rating of 8.7 on the stoned meter.

THC Levels

This strain of marijuana has a huge variance in terms of THC. The THC content is anywhere from 8 percent to 26 percent on average.



Flowering Time

Approximately 8-9 weeks depending on the method used.

Ideal Growing Method

Outdoors, semi humid environment with temperatures between 72-82 Fahrenheit.

Plant Height

5-6 feet.


Huckleberry Wow generates a high yield.

Growing Skills

Huckleberry Wow is difficult for novice growers. Moderate to expert experience needed.

Potential Problems

A robust plant with little problems, resistant to many types of mold and fungi.

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  1. Avatar for brain brain March 7, 2018 / 8:16 am / Reply

    it is the perfect strain for those suffering from ADHD and other mental disorders. good product

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