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Jack The Ripper


Jack the Ripper Strain

Along with the myth itself, Jack the Ripper has a fearsome reputation as a forceful marijuana strain. Named after the serial killer that terrorized London in 1888, the strain is 70% Sativa and said to be psychedelic in high doses. This strain generates an extreme cerebral burst of energy that is good for creativity and as an antidepressant. The cerebral effects are so powerful that they tend to drown out any form of body stone, and users stay that the body effects are almost nonexistent. Jack the Ripper, also known simply as “JTR” is a hybrid created by TGA genetics (by the famous and mysterious breeder known as “Subcool”) by crossing Jacks Cleaner with Space Dude, a male version of Space Queen. Featuring incredibly resinous triangle-shaped buds and an intense spicy, lemon-pine aroma, Jack the Ripper is a relatively short 70% Sativa-dominant strain that usually tests over 20% THC. The effect is intense, visually stimulating, and can sometimes leave novice consumers disoriented and paranoid. There are many variants of Jack the Ripper with different THC counts and different Sativa to Indica ratios. Some say that the THC value can vary between 15-25%. While the effects are powerful it is not a completely overwhelming strain of marijuana. What can be expected is a creeping cerebral high that is perfect for creative endeavors. The most commonly described characteristics of Jack the Ripper are creativity and bliss. This is a moderately common strain on the recreational market and a rare strain on the medical market. Jack the Ripper has a lemony citrus flavor and an earthy smell.

Why do Patients Use Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper, though something of a rare medical strain is very effective for the treatment of depression as it provides a powerful uplift. Like most strains which are effective for the treatment of depression, Jack the Ripper also tend to be most commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety. The danger with Jack the Ripper (the strain, not the serial killer) is that it can often result in triggering anxiety if the dosage is not correct. The high THC content is also causing for consideration. Jack the Ripper is also said to be good for PMS, PTSD, and Migraines, and is a powerful and effective medical strain as well as a creative pleasure for consumers. JTR can be found in quite a few medical dispensaries along the West Coast, in particular, California and Oregon.

Medical Uses of Jack the Ripper


Side-Effects of Jack the Ripper

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Hallucinations in higher doses.

Information about Jack the Ripper


70% Sativa 30% Indica


Jack the Ripper is a cross between Jacks Cleaner with Space Dude.

Stoned Meter

Jack the Ripper has a rating of 8.8 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels of Jack the Ripper are between 20-25%


Jack the Ripper is bred by TGA Genetics.

Flowering Time

The flowering time of Jack the Ripper is usually around 8 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

This strain can be grown indoors or out but is unlikely to be successful in a Sea of Green.

Plant Height

Jack the Ripper is a plant that grows between 2-5 feet indoors.


Jack the Ripper generates a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

Jack the Ripper is an easy strain to grow suitable for novice growers, though it does require some trim work.

Potential Problems

Stalks need to be supported as they develop large buds. For best results, it should be topped and moved into the budding phase early due to stretching


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