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K.O Kush


KO Kush Strain

KO Kush is a knockout in many different departments. THC levels are relatively high, between 18-22%, and the high hits strong and immediate. On top of this, it is a resistant plant that is easy to grow and one that generates large yields. It is a short, dense plant that grows outwards and not upwards with an abundance of bud dense side branches and an impressive bud to leaf ratio. It is a favorite among growers and consumers. KO Kush has pink pistils and an incredibly sticky texture. This bud will literally stick to the walls when pressed against them. Flavors include hash, earth, and spice, with an unmistakable Kush aftertaste. KO Kush is a cross between Herijuana and Killa Kush and is bred by Sannies Seeds. There is another strain of marijuana that KO Kush is often mistaken for, called K.O Kush (essentially the same name), that is bred by Heavyweight Seeds. This strain is a three-way cross between Afghani x Hash Plant x Northern Lights and is also Indica dominant, which can lead to some confusion. KO Kush has a short flowering time and is easy for beginner growers, a strain that is best suited for indoor growth. When outdoors, the strain prefers a temperate climate. It can be commonly found in medical dispensaries mainly in Oregon and Washington but can also be found in California and Nevada. As an added bonus this strain is quite cheap on the recreational market due to its impressive yields, easy growing curve, and high THC content. The exact Indica to Sativa ratio of KO Kush is not known.

Why do Patients Use KO Kush?

KO Kush is a typical Kush with typical effects. It is highly effective for the treatment of insomnia, stimulating the appetite and for chronic pain. This is a strong pain used when patients are dealing with serious conditions. It can send people to sleep for over 12 hours and is a not a casual recommendation. Cerebral effects of this strain are rather mild and for this reason, it may not be the most versatile strain when dealing with certain cases of depression or anxiety as well as mental disorders. The couch lock effects of this strain are very strong.

Medical Uses of KO Kush

Eating Disorders
Chronic Pain

Side-Effects of KO Kush

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about KO Kush


Exact Indica to Sativa ratio unknown.


KO Kush is a cross between Herijuana and Killa Kush.

Stoned Meter

KO Kush has a rating of 9.0 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels of KO Kush are between 18-22%.


KO Kush is bred by Sannies Seeds.

Flowering Time

KO Kush has a short flowering time between 6-7 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

This strain is much better suited to indoor growth than outdoors. Best kept indoors in a hydroponic setup, but can also be grown in a soil environment.

Plant Height

KO Kush is a plant that grows between 4-6 feet.


KO Kush generates a high yield, above 500 grams per square meter indoors.

Growing Skills

KO Kush is an easy strain to grow suitable for novice growers.

Potential Problems

No potential problems associated with KO Kush. Resistant to mold and mildew. If growing outdoors needs to have a temperate climate.


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