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Kandy Skunk


Kandy Skunk

You might get that in some forums it is spelled as Candy Skunk, so do not think that these are two different strains. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has won a few awards, but the most famous is the Western Slope Cannabis Crown. Yes, it is possible to get awards for the strains too. The event was held in Aspen, Colorado. After the award, the strain has generally gained popularity among the cannabis community. Many people are today willing to go an extra mile just to get themselves the best weed such as this one. The strong high keeps you wondering about its parents. Well, do not worry anymore as this strain was achieved by crossing Kandy Krush and Skunk #1 strains. It seems that it inherited more of the sativa side of the parents. DNA Genetics is the breeder who created this impressive strain.

Since the creation of strain, the breeder managed to cement their position in the cannabis industry as those who know to create the best marijuana. Expect to get impressive cerebral effects when using this strain. The strong high will definitely help with uplifting your mood in no time. This is done by inducing the production of dopamine in the body. This is the hormone responsible for keeping you in high spirits. As much as it has a bit of euphoria, might also note a bit of lazy body high kicking in. This might mean that you will be on the couch for longer than expected. It is the reason many people use it when they just want to relax at home.

The strain could still be handy for those people who are suffering from eating disorders such as lack of appetite and nausea. By the time you are done with a joint, you should be feeling hungry already. It would be a good idea for you to have some munchies in the house to eat before you can prepare a meal.

The smell plays an important role when it comes to attracting the users to smoke a marijuana strain. As for the smell, you will note that it comes with a wonderful aroma. The aroma will easily fill the room to keep you enjoying yourself easily. The skunk smell is also not so strong that you feel it is a nuisance for you smoking in the closed room. The strain’s smell is always analyzed together with the taste. As for the taste, you will note it comes with a hard sweet candy taste. You also get a tangy aftertaste when you exhale the strain.

Now that you know more about its effects, you might be wondering about its complexity when it comes to growing. On average, you need moderate growing skills to get started with this strain. This should not be hard for those who have grown marijuana before. It is seen to grow better when grown indoors with the right conditions provided. You will also expect to get a moderate to high yield if all the conditions are met. It will take around 10 weeks to flower. You can now easily plan for your harvesting if you know about the flowering time.

Why patients use the Kandy Skunk strain

The strain is good for relaxation. There is no doubt it will get many applications thanks to such effects. Some of the common medical uses of the strain include dealing with stress. It can also be used for anger issues as it calms your nerves. If you have migraines occurring more often, then you could try using this strain. It should help you have an easy time relaxing with no episodes.

Medical uses of the Kandy Skunk strain

Mood swings
Chronic pain

Side effects of the Kandy Skunk strain

Cotton mouth

Information about the Kandy Skunk strain


Sativa 90% and Indica 10%


Kandy Krush and Skunk #1

Stoned meter

It is a strong strain with an impressive score of 8 on the stoned meter

THC level

The strain has a THC level of 22%


DNA Genetics

Flowering Time

It can take up to 10 weeks for the flowering to occur

Ideal Growing Method

It is ideal to grow the strain indoors

Plant Height

It is a tall plant


It comes with a moderate to high yield

Growing skills

You need moderate growing skills

Potential problems

No major problems have been reported when using the strain


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