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The Kush strain is one of the most loved strains you could buy today. It gives you a nutty and earthy taste and flavor that many would love. Expect it to grow into a dense plant that should make many people like to have it in their gardens. Being indica dominant, you should find many people looking to get this for themselves more often. It should also easily work as medicinal and recreational weed at the same time. You can now have a great time enjoying yourself with the strain and also deal with some medical conditions. This is the kind of strain you smoke when your day is freed up and no operation of heavy machinery is needed.

You might have heard of the name kush before. This would prompt you to think of the parents of this strain. It is described as a phenotype of OG Kush. It is the reason you might expect a strong strain to keep you high for longer. It is also known to have quite the yield. It will keep you having a good time growing it as the outcome is just impressive. The strong skunky smell is easily noticeable even before you can get into the garden. It can easily demand attention from a distance. Anyone who knows the smell would be smiling all the way to where it is.

The strain comes with all the strains you would expect from an exceptional hybrid strain. Being a strong strain, it will give the users a sense of pure and utter relaxation. When you smoke the strain, it will end up unwinding your body and mind. This should allow you to drift into the dream state where you can wander in the dreamland.

That is not all, you can expect to get the happy feeling. This the euphoric feeling of any marijuana strain. There is no doubt that you will feel lightheaded so that you can have a great time. It is possible that you might also feel sleepy in no time. This is mostly when it is smoked in high doses. As a result, this might be good for people with insomnia problem. If you want to be awake for longer, then consider keeping the dose minimal.

The strain could be what you need when it comes to uplifting your mood. It keeps you happy all the time you are high on it. Some of the users have claimed that they ended up feeling hungry all the time. Get yourself some munchies before you can start smoking the strain in high doses.

You will find that the strain is a high yielding plant. Many people would want to enjoy using such a plant as they get more in less time. This is all thanks to the dense buds that also grow fast. The best part is that it is a medium sized plant so growing it indoors should not be a problem. It is surprising how growers have found it easy to grow the strain. It is said that with some basic skills, you should be ready to grow the strain.

Why patients use the Kush strain

This marijuana strain for a long time now has allowed patients with various conditions to get the relief they have always wanted. The strain is known to be the best for patients with chronic stress. It is also effective to give the rest you need after having a long day of tension. The sedative nature is also another reason many people use it today. It can help those with insomnia to get their sleep. It can also help with alleviating chronic pain and aches.

Medical uses of the Kush strain

Chronic pain
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Kush strain

Dry mouth
Itchy eyes

Information about the Kush strain


Indica 85% and Sativa 15%


OG Kush phenotype

Stoned meter

The strain scores an impressive 8.8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It can achieve a THC level of 24%


Green House Seeds

Flowering Time

It will take up to 9 weeks for the plant to flower

Ideal Growing Method

You should grow it indoors if you want a high yield

Plant Height

It has a moderate height


Expect to get a high yield with the plant

Growing skills

It is easy to grow with basic skills

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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