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L.A. Woman


LA Woman Strain

LA Woman is bred by the famous DNA Genetics and is a combination of two award-winning strains – Martian Mean Green and LA Confidential. It is a 50/50 hybrid that is well balanced with a large yield to the delight of cultivators. The taste and flavor of LA Woman are wonderful, a mix of citrus and cherries. The smell and potency of this strain are well known and appreciated by cannabis lovers across the globe. The most common attributes associated with LA Woman are relaxation, euphoria, and happiness. It is not overly stimulating or overly sedative but an ideal blend that will leave users relaxed, thoughtful and happy. LA Woman has an amazing amount of trichomes on its surface and quite a number of orange pistils. With a rich, dank flavor profile and a trippy, long-lasting high, this bud is a crowd-pleaser across the board. The THC levels in this strain vary greatly, with reports between 16-25%. Another byproduct of this popular strain is creativity and it is ideal for all types of creative endeavors. All in all, LA women is an excellent hybrid that delights both recreational and medical users. It provides an uplift of cerebral energy that is well balanced. It is great for a recreational evening for listening to music or watching a movie, and in the right amounts can be a useful social strain.

Why do Patients Use LA Woman?

LA Woman is a common form of medical marijuana in the USA. It is often used to treat a myriad of medical conditions including anxiety, stress, pain, muscles spasms and appetite disorders. It is a very useful strain for insomnia, as after the initial cerebral effects wear off there will be a descent towards slumber. The only danger with LA Woman is that it is a creeper and the THC content is often unknown. Giving a high THC creeper strain to a patient might have detrimental effects, especially if they are susceptible to THC. It is always important for all patients to do their own research and play an active role in their marijuana intake. There are very few guidelines at present to indicate standards and THC levels may differ between batches. LA Woman is not effective in the treatment of ADHD or ADD as it does not induce intense focus but generates a happy expansive creativity.

Medical Uses of LA Woman

Muscle Spasms
Eating Disorders

Side-Effects of LA Woman

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about LA Woman


50% Indica 50% Sativa


A cross between Martian Mean Green and LA Confidential.

Stoned Meter

LA Woman has a rating of 8.5 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels of LA Woman vary greatly, between 16-25%


LA Woman is bred by DNA Genetics.

Flowering Time

The strain flowers at around 9-10 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

Outdoor cultivation with a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But also grows well indoors.

Plant Height

LA Woman grows between 3-5 feet.


LA Woman generates a large yield.

Growing Skills

LA Woman is a moderately difficult strain to grow.

Potential Problems

A very pungent grow. Cultivators must put odor control methods in place.


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