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LA Jack


LA Jack Strain

LA Jack is a rare and mysterious strain of marijuana with many data points unknown. Most agree that it is a cross between LA Confidential and Candy Jack. But some believe that LA Jack definitely has some Jack Herer in its parentage. This extremely rare strain of marijuana is 75% Sativa dominant and its parentage remains a mystery. The THC levels of this strain of marijuana are quite moderate, in the range of 15-19%. The smell of LA Jack leaves much to be desired, a hash pine scent with strong Diesel undertones. On the plus side, LA Jack has a wonderful taste of fruit candy. The strain provides an immediate head high typical of Sativa dominant strains that is very mentally stimulating. It is not what one could call a well-balanced strain of marijuana, as the cerebral effects take over quite strongly. Mental stimulation can leave users trapped in their own headspace, but it can be useful for thoughtful introspection. Creativity and euphoria are the most commonly cited attributes of this strain. Despite the stimulation, La Jack is not the strain to take if you want to get up and undertake an activity. It is perfect for a day in while watching a movie or listening to music making it a good recreational strain, but not a good social strain.

Why do Patients Use LA Jack?

LA Jack, where found, is prescribed primarily for ADD, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. It provides a wonderful cerebral uplift and can grant users focus on a task due to mental stimulation, just not physical stimulation. While it has a number of medical benefits it is a better recreational drug in general, providing insights and new ways of looking at things. This is not the appropriate strain when dealing with insomnia or pain. It will keep people awake and there are far better marijuana options to deal with pain. La Jack can also be somewhat psychedelic if taken in large doses.

Medical Uses of LA Jack


Side-Effects of LA Jack

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Lack of Motivation
Psychedelic properties

Information about LA Jack


75% Sativa 25% Indica


Possibly LA Confidential and Candy Jack (But some believe that Candy Jack definitely has some Jack Herer in its parentage).

Stoned Meter

LA Jack has a rating of 8.5 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels of LA Jack are moderate, in the region of 15-19%


Breeder of LA Jack unknown.

Flowering Time

The strain flowers at around 63 to 70 days.

Ideal Growing Method


Plant Height

LA Jack is a plant that grows between 3-5 feet.


LA Jack generates a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

LA Jack requires moderate growing experience.

Potential Problems

Prone to mold and mildew and the PH levels need to be kept within a specific range throughout the growing period.


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