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Lemon Mazar


Lemon Mazar

The lemon mazar strain has quite a mysterious history. Not much is known about its past, but what we know is that it is one of the best you can get today. It is an indica dominant strain with proportions of Indica 55% and Sativa 45%. As the name suggests, you will notice that this marijuana strain smells like lemons and also tastes the same. This pot has been gaining popularity steadily over the years with many people promoting it on forums for its effects.

When smoking it, the smell of the strain should easily catch your attention. You will note that the smell is of a citrus fruit obviously because it has a lemon taste to it. You never have to worry about the high as it kicks in almost immediately whenever you smoke this weed. As much as it can kick in fast, it still works great when it comes to staying in your body. It will keep you high for a very long time. We all want that one strain that keeps us high with just a few hits of the joint.

One thing you will note is the euphoric nature of the strain. You will definitely start to giggle pointlessly whenever you use this pot. It can also help you with getting yourself relaxed if you had a bad day at work. The strain has sedative effects on the user. This means that you will be overly relaxed to do many things. It is the reason such a strain should be smoked in the evening or night time. It could be great for people who have insomnia problems.

If you desire to start cultivating this strain, opting for indoor cultivation could be the best for you. This type of cultivation makes sure that you can end up with the best yield possible. Not much is needed in terms of skills. You can always find tutorials on growing this strain from online and get started. Also the seeds for the strain are easily available and cheap. You will have no problem getting started on your little marijuana farm.

Flowering does not take long as it can be ready for having in 10 weeks maximum. This has made more people opt for investing in the plant. It is also resistant to some plant infections and mold. This means there will be less things for you to care for while using this type of strain. The plant height is described by many as tall. So, if you are going to grow it indoors, just make sure there is enough room for the plant to grow fully. Keeping in mind that most greenhouses are huge, it should not be a problem for many people.

Why patients use the Lemon Mazar Strain

The effects of any marijuana strain are what determine what best the strain would be used for. One thing is for sure, the strain will make you feel happy and euphoric. If you have problems that made you feel sad, this strain should keep you happy in no time. Other than that, the strain will also make you feel relaxed if you are stressed. Just like that it should help relieve stress and nausea. Since you will be giggling a lot when high on this strain, it will also end up lifting your moods and spirits. This is all thanks to the strong analgesic properties it has.

Medical uses of the Lemon Mazar strain

Chronic pain
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Lemon Mazar strain

Dry eyes
Dry mouth

Information about the Lemon Mazar strain


Indica 55% and Sativa 45%


The parents of the Lemon Mazar marijuana strain are unknown

Stoned meter

The strain has a stoned meter of 7

THC level

It has a THC level of 10%


The breeder of the strain is also unknown

Flowering Time

It can take up to 10 weeks for flowering to happen

Ideal Growing Method

It is better to grow the plant indoors with the right conditions

Plant Height

It is a tall plant so give it a lot of room to grow


It comes with a high yield if grown properly

Growing skills

You need moderate skills for growing this strain

Potential problems

There have not been any potential problems associated with using this strain


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