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Loud Strain

Loud is a pure Sativa strain(nearly) created by Loud Seeds. It is also commonly known as Loud Dream, being a powerful backcross of the incredibly popular Blue Dream. This strain has achieved a high level of popularity in the last couple of years and is described as grade A top-shelf weed. Users describe the Loud high as having an almost immediate uplifting cerebral head high with intense waves of creative energy. This burst of energy and euphoria is accompanied by the powerful mind and body relief and a potent warming body buzz that spreads from the head and neck throughout the rest of the body. The strain is commonly available on the black market and can be obtained on the medical market in Colorado and California. It is a very uplifting and energizing high without any head heavy effects, and for these reasons, this is a favorite strain for many. The taste and flavor are said to be like tropical fruits with piney earth undertones. THC levels of this strain are unknown but said to be quite high, possibly in the region of 20-25%. As such it is not a strain for first-time users. As an almost pure Sativa this strain features thick, Indica-looking buds that jut out from a host of Sativa leaves. The high is incredibly long lasting, between 3-4 hours.

Why do Patients Use Loud?

Loud is the perfect medical strain for the treatment of depression of all kinds and this is what it is most commonly prescribed for. It provides an immediate uplift of bliss and happy euphoria. And it does this with no reports of hallucinations, so there is little risk of any symptoms being triggered, as can be the case with high THC Savita’s when prescribed to deal with anxiety or depression. It has the benefit of inducing a calm and relaxing state of focused euphoria, making it ideal for getting tasks complete. This stain can also be used for minor cases of pain but is not appropriate for the treatment of insomnia. It is also not useful for the treatment of seizure-related illnesses due to its low CBD content, around .1%. Loud is a strain best used in the afternoon due to its cerebral qualities.

Medical Uses of Loud

Minor Pain

Side-Effects of Loud

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Loud


Around 95% Sativa


Backcross of Blue Dream

Stoned Meter

Loud has a rating of 8.9 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels of Loud are unknown but said to be quite high.


Loud is bred by Loud Seeds.

Flowering Time

The strain flowers at around 63 to 70 days

Ideal Growing Method


Plant Height

Loud is a plant that grows between 4-6 feet.


Loud generates a high yield above 500 grams indoors.

Growing Skills

Loud requires expert growing experience.

Potential Problems

The humidity needs to be kept low and the temperature needs to remain between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Loud is also susceptible to mold and pests.


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