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Lucky Charms


Lucky Charms Strain

Lucky Charms is an exotic hybrid that is well balanced in its effects and has a pleasant taste. It is a cross between The White and Appalachia, two strains that are well known for their psychoactive effects. And so is the offspring, Lucky Charms, which is a highly energizing and visual strain of marijuana. Lucky Charms has a huge variance in terms of its THC content, between 15-22%. The plant has huge flowers with superb multicolored buds that are covered in white trichomes, a wonder to look at. It has a fruity taste of apple mixed with strawberries and is covered with sticky resin making it a good strain for THC concentrates. The effects of Lucky Charms are quite powerful, with a heavy head high that many might easily find overwhelming. It is also quite a harsh smoke that leaves many with watery eyes or an itchy throat. Lucky Charms has a one-two combination punch of effects, leaving smokers relaxed while still elevating their patterns of thinking. It can be a creeper, taking several minutes after consumers have finished smoking before making its presence known. Lucky Charms is a 50/50 hybrid that also induces physical calm, and if the balance and setting are correct it can provide the appropriate blend of mental stimulation with bodily calm, the ideal mix. In sum, Lucky charms have potent initial Sativa effects which can be psychedelic but this is later balanced by Indica qualities. A strain that is definitely not recommended for first-time users due to its variable effects and creeper qualities.

Why do Patients Use Lucky Charms?

Lucky Charms can be a useful medical strain for the treatment of many conditions including pain, anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, ADD and other illnesses. The issue lies in the fact that this strain is very hit and miss, with many reporting that the strain made them dizzy and paranoid at first. In the right dose and quality, it can be the perfect blend due to the balance between mental stimulation and bodily relaxation, but getting this mix right can be difficult and requires some experimentation. It can help many to focus on a given task, logical or creative. Its ability to sustain focus can be a boon to those with attention deficit disorder. It may also help those with mild to moderate stress or depression to spend their time more consciously and deliberately.

Medical Uses of Lucky Charms

Problem Solving

Side-Effects of Lucky Charms

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Mental Stimulation

Information about Lucky Charms


50% Indica 50% Sativa


A cross between The White and Appalachia.

Stoned Meter

Lucky Charms has a rating of 8.5 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC content of Lucky Charms is between 15-22%


Lucky Charms was created by Bodhi Seeds.

Flowering Time

The flowering time around 8-9 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

Best grown outdoors in a semi-humid Mediterranean climate.

Plant Height

Lucky Charms can grow larger than 6 feet.


Lucky Charms generates a high yield.

Growing Skills

Lucky Charms is an easy strain to grow suitable for first-time growers.

Potential Problems

No potential problems associated with Lucky Charms.


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