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Lucky Seven


Lucky Seven Strain

Lucky Seven is a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid that is a joy to behold, covered in white trichomes and beautiful shades of blue and purple. It looks more like an Indica than a Sativa. Information on this strain is scant and the THC and CBD levels are unknown. It has a tropical smell of pine with mild diesel undertones and tastes of citrus and apple. The smoke is a little harsh but nothing truly off-putting. This strain is incredibly well balanced and delivers a wonderful sensation of euphoria that is quickly grounded with the Indica body effects. The high is described as very clear, focused and energizing, making this a good strain for getting tasks completed as well as a social evening spent with friends. It is probably better as a recreational strain that a medical one but has a wide number of uses as a versatile strain. The effectiveness of such a flexible strain largely depends on the user.

Why do Patients Use Lucky Seven?

Lucky Seven is not a common recreational or medical strain of marijuana, and the only place it seems to be found is in medical dispensaries in California. It is said to be effective as a general remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. For people with emotional problems, it could also be a good strain. CBD levels of this strain are not known so it cannot be recommended for those suffering from seizure-related disorders. Lucky Seven is one of those rare and well-balanced strains that can have a wide variety of medical applications with little risks, as the THC count seems to be quite moderate and its effects are energizing yet not mentally stimulating. This combination means that for those suffering from anxiety the strain will be highly unlikely to trigger the condition like other strains, making them calm, relaxed and focused. But for serious pain and cases of insomnia, it might be better to choose a more established strain of marijuana such as OG Kush, God’s Gift or MK Ultra, whose Indica effects can numb all but the most severe pains.

Medical Uses of Lucky Seven


Side-Effects of Lucky Seven

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Lucky Seven


50% Indica 50% Sativa


Genetic lineage of Lucky Seven unknown.

Stoned Meter

Lucky Seven has a rating of 8.2 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC content of Lucky Seven is unknown, but possibly in the range of 14-18%.


Breeder of Lucky Seven unknown.

Flowering Time

The flowering time around 7-8 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method


Plant Height

Lucky Seven grows between 3-5 feet.


Lucky Seven generates a low yield.

Growing Skills

Lucky Seven is an easy strain to grow suitable for first-time growers.

Potential Problems

Lucky Seven is susceptible to mold and mildew.


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