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Mandala #1


Mandala  #1 Strain

Mandala #1 (or Mandala Number 1) is a wonderful hybrid that grows like an Indica but has Sativa effects, much to the delight of its cultivators. The exact ratio of Indica to Sativa of this Sativa dominant strain are not known. But it is a wonderful strain that will quickly induce dreamlike creative euphoria in waves of cerebral ecstasy. It is a rare three-way cross between South African highland Sativa, New Zealand Purple Indica & North Indian Sativa. THC levels are high, between 18-21%, and Mandala #1 has a special smell and flavor that are most often described as a mix of apples and raspberries. With short flowering times, high yields and a resistant plant, this strain is perfect in the eyes of growers and in the minds of users as they take advantage of all the creative and energetic qualities of Mandala #1. It is also a great plant to look at with its white crystal trichomes (making it perfect for concentrates) along with purple hues to complement its bright green color. The branches are short and the plant grows to a medium height. It is a relatively new strain to the market and has yet to come to the public’s attention, but all the early signs are that this will be quite a famous plant in years to come. It has potent applications both recreationally and medicinally, is bred by well-known breeders (Mandala Seeds) and is loved by growers as it is so easy to grow.

Why do Patients Use Mandala #1?

Though it is not all that common in medical dispensaries due to its recent emergence, Mandala #1 can be found in medical dispensaries in California and Nevada. It shows huge potential for its anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects, not to mention its vast energizing and simulative qualities which might have quite a lot of applications for psychological conditions. As a Sativa, it might not be the best option for chronic pain and is best kept for use in the morning as opposed to the evening. It has up to 1% CBG which is beneficial for treating glaucoma, as a sleep aid, and for antimicrobial use. This strain can be applied to a variety of other medical uses as well due to its exceptional quality. As a patient, if you happen to hear that this strain is in your local dispensary, try to get it if possible. It is a premium strain.

Medical Uses of Mandala #1


Side-Effects of Mandala #1

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Mandala #1


The ratio of Indica to Sativa unknown.


A rare three-way cross between South African highland Sativa, New Zealand Purple Indica & North Indian Sativa.

Stoned Meter

Mandala #1 has a rating of 9.1 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC content of Mandala #1 is between 18-21%


Mandala Seeds

Flowering Time

The short flowering time between 55-60 days.

Ideal Growing Method

A strain that grows well both indoors and outdoors. Indoors results in quick growth, outdoors need a Northern Climate but produces huge yields. Suitable for Screen of Green setup.

Plant Height

Mandala #1 grows between 4-5 feet.


Mandala #1 generates a very high yield, between 800-1200 grams outdoors and between 400-600 indoors per square meter.

Growing Skills

Mandala #1 is an easy strain to grow suitable for first-time growers. It is resistant to pests, mold and cold temperatures.

Potential Problems

No potential problems associated with Mandala #1.


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