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Moonlight OG Kush


Moonlight OG Kush Strain

The Indica dominant Moonlight OG Kush has the brightest buds amongst all types of OGs. It has the same appearance as the other planetary Kushes including Mars and Delta Kush but Moonlight OG is the brightest, most radiant one of them all. This is where the name comes from, as it actually looks as if moonlight is radiating from the plant itself. It is covered entirely in white hairs with the rare orange hair sticking out. This Kush is the ultimate appetite builder. It makes the taste buds super sensitive and heightened senses make the experience all the more enjoyable. The dank scent is packed with different earthy aromas and overall smells amazing, a smell that is difficult to describe. It is a good experience for the olfactory and gustatory senses. The taste is a faint lemon without the zing and a touch of vanilla. Moonlight OG Kush gives the users a light buzz and is ideal for dining out or taking a long walk. For cannabis connoisseurs, Moonlight OG Kush is a must due to its uniqueness. The fact that there are so many trichomes on the surface of Moonlight OG Kush means that it is an excellent strain for THC concentrates. This strain is commonly found in medical dispensaries in California, the home of all types of OG Kush. THC levels for this strain are not known, though it is widely described as a moderately potent strain.

Why do Patients Use Moonlight OG Kush?

This strain of medical marijuana is used as an appetite stimulant or to treat nausea, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness like most of the other Indica varieties. Though the exact Indica dominance is unknown the effects of this strain are actually well balanced. Because of this, it can be used to treat anxiety and depression along with all of the typical Indica uses. What it is really known for is its appetite stimulation capacities for those with eating disorders, where it is second to none. The effects of Moonlight OG Kush are not completely overpowering and it can be slightly stimulating if taken in small doses. Versatile strains like Moonlight OG Kush are much sought after and quite rare.

Medical Uses of Moonlight OG Kush

Eating Disorders

Side-Effects of Moonlight OG Kush

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Moonlight OG Kush


Indica to Sativa ratio of Moonlight OG Kush unknown.


Genetic lineage of Moonlight OG Kush unknown, though obviously has some OG Kush in its family tree.

Stoned Meter

Moonlight OG Kush has a rating of 8.9 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC content of Moonlight OG Kush is unknown but suspected to be moderate.


Breeder of Moonlight OG Kush unknown

Flowering Time

The flowering time around 7-9 weeks

Ideal Growing Method


Plant Height

Moonlight OG Kush grows between 4-6 feet.


Moonlight OG Kush generates a high yield

Growing Skills

Moonlight OG Kush is an easy strain suitable for novice growers.

Potential Problems

No potential problems associated with Moonlight OG Kush.


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