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Nice Guy


Nice Guy

Nice Guy strain or also referred to as Mr. Nice Guy is one of the best weed strains you could choose today. It is bred by Sensi Seeds who are top breeders in the marijuana industry. You should be able to find this weed type amazing for various applications both recreational and medicinal. It is an indica potent strain, so expect that you will feel relaxed and fun each time you smoke it. Well, you might be a nice guy when smoking it. It also comes with the best euphoria as it induces happiness all the time.

The strain was named after Howard Marks who was the biggest smuggler of marijuana. Marks released an autobiography that talked about his life with marijuana and how he smuggled it. The autobiography was named Mr. Nice. It is the reason the Sensi Seeds company named it after him as an honor. On the overall, you will find this strain being diverse with its effects. It might be related to its parents. The strain was achieved by crossing the G15 and Hash Plant strains. The indica side is dominant, so expect to enjoy the high for longer. Also, the high kicks in slowly and gently to let you have a great time with the strain.

The strain will make you feel relaxed and a bit drowsy. Such effects are what make It great for you to release all your stress and unwind after a long day. The effects can also be quite physical on your body. You will feel that your body is heavy, thus this leads to having the couch lock syndrome. This means that you get to sit on your couch until your high is over. You might feel sleepy on the indica and thus it is better to smoke it in the evening once you are done with all the work.

There is no doubt that you will find the strain being highly potent. It will make you feel happy all the time thus good for dealing with tension. It might also be good for inducing positive thoughts and hence great for people with depression. It is not all about relaxing as the strain can also induce a sense of creativity. This is thanks to the sudden euphoria bursts that people experience all the time. You might also get hungry for some munchies.

The best part about smoking this strain is the fragrance other than the type of high you get. The pungent pleasant smell will fill up the room quite fast. Since it smells good, no one has complaints. The strain will remind you of the skunky fragrance from other similar strains. The aroma is meant to set you in the mood of the upcoming high that is about to kick in. The strain still carries a strong earthy flavor. This is going to invigorate your senses. You will also notice the spicy and sweet fruitiness of the flavors combined. With a woody aftertaste, you should have no trouble enjoying it.

Why patients use the Nice Guy strain

The strain has gained its reputation majorly because of its uses. It can work as a recreational or medical strain. With its many healing talents, you should get many people opting for it. It has been seen to help with managing the symptoms of chronic stress. The strain is till good for soothing pain and aches. If you have chronic pain issues, then you need to consider getting it. The strain might further be used for muscle spasms as it calms down your nerves and tension.

Medical uses of the Nice Guy strain

Chronic Pain

Side effects of the Nice Guy strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Nice Guy strain


Indica 80% and Sativa 20%


G 13 and Hash Plant

Stoned meter

With its potency, it manages to score an 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

The strain has a THC level of 19%


Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time

It can take 9 to 11 weeks for flowering to happen

Ideal Growing Method

Growing it indoors should make it easy to maintain it properly

Plant Height

It has an average plant height


It has a high yield that you will like

Growing skills

It needs an experienced grower to help maintain it properly

Potential problems

It does not have any major problems that would make it dangerous


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