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OG Kush


OG Kush Strain

OG Kush is a rare strain with very little available data. It obviously has OG Kush parentage but like many of the OG Kush variants originating from California, information is difficult to come by. Credible information and certification with regard to many strains of marijuana is nonexistent and will be for some time until people get familiar with legalization and rules and standards get established. From anecdotal reports, it can be seen that this is most definitely a high THC strain that is slightly Indica dominant. It is not for first-time users and it a creeper, meaning effects kick in over time. OG Kush 6 delivers more of a body stone than a cerebral high, and the most commonly reported effects are happiness, happiness, and peace. OG Kush is available almost exclusively in California. OG Kush 6 is a dark green color with shades of purple and fluffy buds. The taste is a mix of citrus and lemon and the smell is of sour grapes. It is a strain that can make users cough on the exhale, an indication of a potent strain of marijuana.

Why do Patients Use OG Kush?

OG Kush is effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. It is for these 4 conditions that it is primarily recommended, but it is not available in all medical dispensaries throughout the US. OG Kush 6 is best reserved for evening use as it can result in couch lock and a lack of motivation.

Medical Uses of OG Kush

Mild Pain

Side-Effects of OG Kush

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about OG Kush


Unknown, though suspected to be slightly Sativa dominant.


Parentage of OG Kush unknown.

Stoned Meter

OG Kush has a rating of 8.7 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC content of OG Kush is unknown but suspected to be quite high.


Breeder of OG Kush unknown.

Flowering Time

Around 7-9 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method


Plant Height

OG Kush grows between 3-5 feet.


OG Kush is a plant with a moderate yield.

Growing Skills


Potential Problems




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