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Og Presidential Kush


OG Presidential Kush Strain

OG Presidential Kush is sometimes known as “Presidential Kush” but is not to be confused with Presidential OG. Presidential OG is a strain grown by Royal Queen Seeds and is a cross between Bubble Gum and OG Kush, and is not the strain we are examining here.

OG Presidential Kush is a 60% Indica dominant stain but many suggest that the Sativa genes express themselves more than its Indica qualities. Presidential Kush is the creation of DNA genetics and is a cross between the enormously popular OG Kush with Lemon Skunk. The THC variance of OG Presidential Kush is huge, ranging anywhere from 14-28%. Presidential Kush may also sometimes be referred to as Lemon OG Kush in some outlets. OG Presidential Kush has an expected lemon scent that grows stronger when the dense buds are broken up and smoked. The strain is a creeper, making it even more powerful, as the high creeps up on users over time. Users may notice an increase in thoughtfulness or an altered perception, with colors and sounds taking on vibrant new dimensions. Visual distortions are also often reported, giving this hybrid a distinctly psychedelic character. OG Presidential Kush is an unusual strain with unusual effects, and definitely one to try out. It is Indica dominant but provides many Sativa qualities. A well-balanced strain that is good use on your own or with friends.

Why do Patients Use OG Presidential Kush?

The wide-ranging effects of Presidential Kush’s high may also be of value to medical cannabis patients. Those with attention deficit disorders may find that the strain’s sustained, clearheaded mindset can allow for focus on single tasks. Physiologically speaking, it may also relieve deep-seated aches and pains and can stoke hunger for those who’ve lost their appetites to medications or treatments like chemotherapy. Finally, Presidential Kush can relieve the painful intraocular pressure that is a primary symptom of glaucoma. Those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance should consume this strain with caution, keeping in mind its mentally stimulating effects.

Medical Uses of OG Presidential Kush

Chemotherapy Relief

Side-Effects of OG Presidential Kush

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about OG Presidential Kush


60% Indica 40% Sativa


A cross between the enormously popular OG Kush with Lemon Skunk.

Stoned Meter

OG Presidential Kush has a rating of 8.8 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

Huge THC variance between 14-28%.


OG Presidential Kush is bred by the famous DNA genetics.

Flowering Time

Around 8-9 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

Outdoors, but requires a semi-humid climate with consistent daytime temperatures in the 70-degree Fahrenheit range.

Plant Height

OG Presidential Kush grows between 2-4 feet. A short and bushy plant.


OG Presidential Kush is a plant with a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

OG Presidential Kush requires moderate growing skills.

Potential Problems

No potential problems associated with OG Presidential Kush.


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