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Orange Crush x Ice Cream


Orange Crush x Ice Cream Strain

Orange Crush x Ice Cream is a new strain of marijuana with little available information at the present time. It is an Indica dominant hybrid though the exact ratio of Indica to Sativa is unknown. It is a dark green color and has dense buds with a light touch of trichomes. It has an orange smell and tastes of sour grapes. Both the smell and taste of this strain seem to be much loved by marijuana enthusiasts. The effects last around 2 hours and it is most commonly described as a very relaxed, laid back and moderate high. THC levels are not known but estimated to be in the range of 13-16%. When smoked in excess this strain can result in the munchies and couch lock (“couch lock” is a term which means that people are tied to the couch and drift to sleep as they do not have the motivation to move). An effective though moderate strain perfect for a quiet evening to relax after work. The genetics of Orange Crush x Ice Cream are unknown, and it is a good medical and recreational strain, though very moderate in its effects. The effects are mainly in the body, with some cerebral effects. This strain can be most often found in Colorado and California.

Why do Patients Use Orange Crush x Ice Cream?

Orange Crush x Ice Cream is a new strain of marijuana available almost exclusively in medical dispensaries in California. It is most often prescribed for insomnia, pain relief, and eating disorders, as munchies are often felt with this strain. As moderate as it is, it may not be suitable for chronic pain or severe cases of insomnia. This strain can be used in the morning or in the evening.

Medical Uses of Orange Crush x Ice Cream

Moderate Insomnia
Eating Disorders
Stomach Pains

Side-Effects of Orange Crush x Ice Cream

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Orange Crush x Ice Cream


Indica to Sativa ratio unknown.


Genetic lineage unknown.

Stoned Meter

Orange Crush x Ice Cream has a rating of 7.8 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels for Orange Crush x Ice Cream are unknown but said to be rather moderate.


Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Flowering Time

Around 6-8 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

Indoor Sea of Green ideal. Also, does well in a hydroponic setup.

Plant Height

Orange Crush x Ice Cream grows between 3-5 feet.


Orange Crush x Ice Cream is a low yielding plant.

Growing Skills

Orange Crush x Ice Cream requires moderate growing skills.

Potential Problems

Plants need lots of nutrients and the PH levels need to be carefully monitored.


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