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Parker Kush

Parker Kush

Parker Kush Strain

Parker Kush is a new strain of marijuana, and both the strain and information are hard to come by. It can be found in some dispensaries in Southern California. THC levels for Parker Kush are unknown but from anecdotal reports appear to be moderately potent, perhaps in the range of 16-19%. Parker Kush is a dark green strain with red-orange hairs and very dense buds which can be hard to take apart without a good grinder. The effects are heavy, long lasting and mainly felt in the body, meaning that this is most likely an Indica dominant strain. It tastes of pine and is a smooth smoke. The genetics of Parker Kush is a mystery, along with the CBD count, THC content and Indica to Sativa ratio. With certification on the rise in the USA, in future, more information will be available in all strains but at present, there are a large number of strains with little solid data, and Parker Kush is one of them.

Why do Patients Use Parker Kush?

While relatively little is known about Parker Kush, it is understood to be an Indica dominant strain and quite powerful. Stemming from this it would be appropriate to say that Parker Kush is good for the treatment of chronic pain, insomnia and eating disorders. Indica dominant strains are typically good for these conditions as the effects are felt in the body, while Sativa dominant strains are more typically good for mental conditions such as ADD, ADHD and depression. Stress and anxiety fall somewhere between the two strains. But people can react differently to different types of strains and these are only generalities.

Medical Uses of Parker Kush

Eating Disorders

Side-Effects of Parker Kush

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Parker Kush


Indica to Sativa ratio of Parker Kush unknown.


Genetic lineage of Parker Kush unknown.

Stoned Meter

Parker Kush has a rating of 8.8 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels of Parker Kush unknown.


Breeder of Parker Kush unknown.

Flowering Time

Flowering Time of Parker Kush unknown.

Ideal Growing Method

Ideal Growing Method of Parker Kush unknown.

Plant Height




Growing Skills


Potential Problems



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