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Purple Erkle

Purple Erkle

Purple Erkle Strain

There are so many strains with the name “Purple” that trying to distinguish between them all can be confusing and misleading, with some having only minor differences, such as Purple urkle and Purple Erkle, Purple Dogg and Purple Chemdawg. Purple Erkle is much less well known that its popular brother Purple Urkle, which has won awards and which has reams of data available in terms of cultivation techniques, growing process, taste, smell etc. Unfortunately, much of this data is missing for Purple Erkle. We do know that it is an Indica dominant that looks incredible with its dark green with purple hues and white frosty crystals. While the THC levels are unknown Purple Erkle is said to be quite high and very potent with immediate effects which will result in munchies and couchlock. While it is definitely Indica dominate the exact ratio is unknown, possibly in the range of 70-80% Indica dominant. It is a strong and smooth smoke with a taste of berries and grapes. It is a grade A strain that is going to increase in popularity.

Why do Patients Use Purple Erkle?

Patients do not really use Purple Erkle, given how rare it is and given the fact that it is not readily available But given anecdotal reports from cannabis lovers this is a well-respected and powerful strain of marijuana. As a strong Indica it is perfect for insomnia, chronic pain, and appetite.

Medical Uses of Purple Erkle

Eating disorders
Chronic Pain

Side-Effects of Purple Erkle

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Purple Erkle





Stoned Meter

Purple Erkle has a rating of 9.0 on the stoned meter.

THC Level



River Valley Collective

Flowering Time

Around 60 days on average.

Ideal Growing Method

A strain best kept indoors.

Plant Height

2-5 feet


Purple Erkle has a moderate yield.

Growing Skills
Purple Erkle requires moderate growing skills.

Potential Problems

No potential problems associated with Purple Erkle.



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