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Redwood Kush

Redwood Kush

Redwood Kush

The redwood kush marijuana strain is an indica dominant strain that you will find using more often thanks to its strong calming effect. Starting with its appearance, you should note that it comes with a subtle but yet attractive look. It has mint green and orange buds that easily sets it apart from the other buds. Sometimes you get the buds topped by a white resin. It is a quirky strain for sure with shades of redwood and that is how it also gets its name. Many people would often use the strain whether it is during the day or at night. Most because it does not have much of the numbing effect that might make you inactive. Its effects should keep you going.

The effects of any marijuana strain are going to determine if people would choose it or not. For this one, you can expect to experience being uplifted and relaxed at the same time. Having the indica lineage makes the strain good mostly for evening if you have to rest after a long day. You could also use during the day if you need a bit of relaxing. It also gives you the euphoric feel each time you get to use it. This is majorly the sativa effects, which often kick in faster before the indica effects.

It comes with a THC level of 16%, which should easily make it attractive to those who need something strong. Such a strain will have high potency meaning it will keep you high for longer. Something else that will keep you smoking it more often should be the flavor and aroma. These two give you the aroma and flavor of earthiness, woody and pine all combined. As you can see, it is quite the combination to make sure that you always have a different experience. Whenever you smoke the strain, you will feel like walking in a serene environment such as a forest enjoying all the natural outdoor smell.

Now that you know the kind of effects a person can get, you might be interested in growing it. Well, it is good news to know that the strain does not need a lot of work. With a bit of gardening skills, you should be ready to start growing it. You need to check on the plant more often just to make sure it is growing well and no infection is present. Since it needs to grow in warmer climates, it would be better growing it in a greenhouse. This means that you will be in a position to control the temperatures easily.

It could take around 8 to 9 weeks for the flowering to happen. This is a relatively short time that should have you enjoying using the pot. It has a medium yield, so it should not be a problem for most people to handle the harvesting.

Why patients use the redwood kush strain

If you need something that makes you happy, then this is the strain to pick. It gives you the sense of euphoria and tingly sensation. It also comes with a strong calming effect. Well, you could see why it might be important for calming your nerves especially if you experience muscle spasms more often. The strain could also be important for those who need to handle chronic body pains. You never have to worry about the pain anymore when using this strain. It could still be used for treating depression and stress levels.

Medical uses of the redwood kush strain

Chronic pain

Side effects of the redwood kush strain

Cotton mouth

Information about the redwood kush strain


Indica 60% and Sativa 40%


The parents of the strain are unknown

Stoned meter

It has an impressive score of 9 on the stoned meter

THC level

The strain has an average of 16% in THC level


The breeder of this strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes an average of 8 to 9 weeks for flowering to happen

Ideal Growing Method

Growing it indoors where you can maintain the temperature is ideal

Plant Height

It comes with a medium height for its plant


Expect to get moderate yield with this strain

Growing skills

With moderate skills, you should easily grow this marijuana strain

Potential problems

No major problems have been reported with using this marijuana strain


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