Route 66

Route 66

Route 66 Strain

Route 66 is a 50/50 hybrid that is more commonly known as Jolly Rancher (Some variants of this strain may be slightly Sativa dominant). Route 66 is popular in dispensaries in California and its name and initial appeal lie primarily in Jolly Rancher’s sour candied aroma, although there’s also something to be said about its high-flying euphoria and colorful buds. Coated with a sticky layer of sugar-like resin, Jolly Rancher is a treat for all the senses. The high comes on very quickly with this strain and the effects are mainly cerebral as opposed to the whole body. It is an ideal strain for those with social anxiety or for anxiety in general. THC levels of this strain of marijuana are unknown, with some claims that THC levels can be up to 25%. This claim does not match the majority of anecdotal evidence, with some saying the effects are powerful but definitely not as powerful as 25%. However, the strain does seem to get more potent as time goes by.

Why do Patients Use Route 66?

Numerous patients choose this strain for its flavor and scent, to later find out that it has many medical benefits. Medical benefits of this strain include the treatment of the following: Stress, depression, anxiety fatigue, muscle spasms and migraines. This strain is most commonly recommended for depression and stress. It might not be the strain of choice for those suffering from Insomnia, as it can be slightly Sativa dominant according to some.

Medical Uses of Route 66

Muscle Spasms

Side-Effects of Route 66

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Route 66





Stoned Meter

Route 66 has a rating of 8.5 on the stoned meter.

THC Level



Breeder Steve in the nineties (most likely)

Flowering Time

Approximately 8-9 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

Strain does well in an indoor Sea of Green setup (SOG).

Plant Height

3-5 feet


Route 66 has a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

Route 66 is an easy strain to grow suitable for novice growers.

Potential Problems

Plants need support during the flowering stage and Route 66 devours nutrients.

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