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Sativa Gas Strain



This sativa dominant strain is what you need today if you are looking for some good times. It also comes with a powerful aroma and flavor that should keep the user entertained all the time. As much as it is a great strain, not much is known about its history, especially on the genetics part. It seems like the breeders and parents of the strain have been kept a secret. We cannot complain much as the strain is really good. If you get to experience its high, you will be looking to come back to smoke it even more. The high is known to stay for longer than what you might have experienced with other strains before.

The chances are that you would end up getting high in no time. Most of the users have claimed to get high in a short time once they started smoking the strain. This is often attributed to its strong potency. The strain is known to have a THC level of 18%, which is good for getting you high in a few minutes. It is a very strong strain, so go easy on it. Amateurs who have not used the strain before might want to take it easy for the first time. You need to get used to the strain before you can go crazy smoking it in high doses.

Most people who have smoked it end up with a floaty feeling. This is probably due to the sedative nature of the strain. This is often followed by a deep relaxation that many people would love. The sedative nature is great for many applications, especially when it comes to the medical side. Those people with a problem if getting asleep could use such a strain to get them sleeping in a few minutes after getting high. You will also notice that your buddy is now a comedian as the high makes someone talkative all of a sudden. Those who might shy could use this strain to be social in a few minutes.

You could still use the strain if you have a problem with your appetite. Be sure to start going craving munchies in no time. This should help you start eating after a long streak of loss of appetite.

The strain is characterized by having a strong fruity smell. This should be good when the strain is smoked in a closed room. You will enjoy having a nice time with strain all the time feeling the fruity smell as a freshener in the house. The same thing goes for the taste. You will notice a fruity taste each time you get to smoke the strain.

With all of its effects, you might just get interested in growing the strain. You will be pleased to know that the strain does not need a lot of work when growing it. The seeds are also available easily as the strain is popular. Just make sure to keep in mind various tips as offered by veteran growers to ensure you get the most out of the strain. It will take an average of 10 weeks to flower. This is ideal as most strains take the same time to flower.

Why patients use the Gas strain

It should not be hard to get a few medical uses of the strain. This strain has found favor being used for treating symptoms associated with cancer, nausea and vomiting. That is not all, more research is being carried to see how the strain could be great for treating aids and cancer. It is no doubt that the strain comes in handy for those who have lost appetite. You can always end up eating more in no time with the strain.

Medical uses of the Gas strain

Loss of appetite
Chronic pain

Side effects of the Gas strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Gas strain


Sativa 85% and indica 15%


The parents of the strain are unknown

Stoned meter

The strain manages to get an impressive score of 8.5 on our stoned meter

THC level

The strain has 18% as the THC level


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It can take an average of 10 weeks for flowering to occur

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors is the best growing method

Plant Height

It has a moderate plant height


It comes with a high yield

Growing skills

Basic growing skills should be enough

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported

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  1. Avatar for Christian Woodland Christian Woodland November 21, 2017 / 10:25 pm / Reply

    I’m looking for Sativa strain landrace or heirloom, a higher energy bud.

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