Skunk #9

Skunk #9

Skunk 9 Strain

Skunk 9 is a 50/50 hybrid and a descendant of the oldest strain of commercial marijuana available – Skunk #1. Skunk 9 can also be referred to as 9 or Skunk Number 9. Not much is currently known about Skunk 9, in terms of its THC content or CBD levels. What has known that it has the typical sour skunk smell which can leave some users gagging if they are not used to it. This is not a common strain of marijuana and is most commonly found in medical dispensaries in California. It is a very smooth smoke and has dense buds. Though THC levels are unknown some suggest that they are quite low, between 10-15%. Most commonly reported attributes are that it makes people sleepy, hungry and relaxed. A good night time strain to de-stress after work.

Why do Patients Use Skunk 9?

Skunk 9 lends itself more to Indica effects that to Sativa, despite being a 50/50 hybrid. The effects are mostly physical. When the strain is recommended it is usually for stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and headaches. As CBD levels are unknown it is not a good strain for conditions requiring a high CBD content.

Medical Uses of Skunk 9


Side-Effects of Skunk 9

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Skunk 9


50% Sativa 50% Indica



Stoned Meter

Skunk 9 has a rating of 8.0 on the stoned meter.

THC Level




Flowering Time

Approximately 7-9 weeks

Ideal Growing Method


Plant Height

4-6 feet


Skunk 9 has a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

Skunk 9 is an easy strain to grow suitable for novice growers.

Potential Problems

Needs a lot of nutrients as well as support during the flowering stage.

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