Spawntanica Strain

Spawntanica is a predominantly Indica hybrid with typically heavy physical effects. Because of breeder secrecy, nobody knows the parental lineage of this strain, but they all know its potent sedative properties well. Used by many patients in California, Spawntanica is an effective medical marijuana strain for a variety of conditions, including widespread sleep disorders.

This crispy, piney smelling strain has an earthy flavor with a sweet, lemony pine aftertaste. Buds are dark green in color and extremely leafy and dense. Hairs are a short, almost translucent amber, and huge, frosty white trichomes cover the buds in a thick layer of sweet and sticky resinous crystals. The intoxicating deliciousness of its buds makes Spawntanica a highly sought after medical strain.

Why Patients Use Spawntanica?

Patients describe the effects of Spawntanica as fast acting. Effects are almost immediate and begin with a mildly cerebral buzz accompanied by a warmness spreading throughout the body. Most use this strain for its calming mental effects, but its powerful sedative properties make it ideal for relaxation and full relief from most physical symptoms.

Medical Uses of Spawntanica

Chronic Stress
Appetite Loss
Severe Pain
Muscle Cramps
Muscle Spasms

Side Effects of Spawntanica

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Spawntanica


90 percent Indica and 10 percent Sativa



Stoned Meter

Spawntanica gets a seven ranking on the stoned meter. It will make users extremely high.

THC Levels

THC levels in most phenotypes typically range between 15 percent and 19 percent.


Spawntanica Seeds

Flowering Time

As a dense Indica, this strain’s average flowering time ranges between eight weeks and nine weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

Spawntanica prefers a controlled climate indoors, but many find great success growing it outdoors.

Plant Height

This small- to medium-sized plant is more bushy than tall. It rarely exceeds four or five feet in height.


Spawntanica is a high-yielding Indica with very thick branches and extremely dense buds.

Growing Skills

Although beginners can be successful growing this strain, it is more suited to those with advanced skills.

Potential Problems

Because of its bud density, Spawntanica can succumb to bud rot and mold in damp, humid conditions.

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