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THC Bomb

THC Bomb

THC Bomb Strain

As the name suggests, THC bomb has an incredibly high amount of THC, ranging from 20-25%. Recreational users definitely prefer stains of marijuana with higher levels of THC, and this is what they will get from THC bomb. It is a hybrid strain from Bomb Seeds, yet the genetic origins of THC Bomb are unclear. Like most stains whose origins are unknown, it is said to have originated in the Netherlands but is often found in Alaska and Colorado. The CBD content of THC bomb is 1%, which is low but not ultra-low. It is a 65/35 Indica strain. The most common effects associated with THC Bomb are relaxation, happiness and euphoria. When ready the plant will be covered in beautiful white crystals. THC Bomb is a heavy hitting strain of marijuana that may send users straight to the couch. It is definitely not for novice users. A well-known, easy to find and popular strain of recreational marijuana that also has medical benefits. Light buds, orange hairs and a pleasant taste.

Why do Patients Use THC Bomb?

THC Bomb is well known in the medical marijuana community. It is perfect for both stress and pain relief. Due to its high levels of THC it may not be suitable for all those suffering from anxiety and paranoia. But is has powerful pain relieving properties and is also known for its ability to stimulate appetite.

Medical Uses of THC Bomb

Pain Relief

Appetite Stimulation

Side-Effects of THC Bomb

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Information about THC Bomb


65% Indica 35% Sativa


Origins unknown.

Stoned Meter

THC Bomb has a rating of 8.7 on the stoned meter.

THC Levels

High average marijuana levels between 20-25%.



Flowering Time

Approximately 7-9 weeks depending on the method used.

Ideal Growing Method

Warm and sunny outdoor climate preferred. Also grows well indoors using Sea of Green using soil or hydroponics.

Plant Height

2-4 feet.


THC Bomb generates a very high yield. 19 to 22 ounces per square meter indoors and 35 ounces per plant outdoors.

Growing Skills

THC Bomb is easy to grow and suitable for novice growers.

Potential Problems

Little problems, strong plant resistant to mold and mildew.


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