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The Church

The Church

The Church Strain

The Church is a 70% Indica 30% Sativa strain of marijuana and a cross between 3 highly popular strains – Swiss Sativa Skunk, Super Skunk and Northern Lights. The Church is well suited to growing in areas of high humidity and high altitude, such as mountains. Indoors it grows best in the soil as opposed to hydroponic settings. The Church is a rugged and adaptable plant and eats lots of nutrients. The name “The Church” was famously given to the strain by heavy metal rock band System of a Down. It is heavy Indica that also has potent cerebral effects. Very effective for social occasions. The THC content of The Church is high at around 17%, and sometimes can be as high as 21%. The Church has a pleasant taste but a strong skunky smell. Effects are extremely long lasting. The herb offers a mild, progressive high that doesn’t rule out work, play or socializing.

Why do Patients Use The Church?

The Church an excellent medicinal plant and is effective for the treatment of a variety of conditions including Chron’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. Can also be used to treat certain cases of depression. The Church has multiple medical applications and is truly versatile when it comes to treating those suffering from all kinds of disease, due to its moderately high levels of THC and the slow high that creeps up instead of the typical jolt.

Medical Uses of The Church

Chron’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis


Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth



70% Indica 30% Sativa


Cross between Swiss Sativa Skunk, Super Skunk and Northern Lights.

Stoned Meter

The Church has a rating of 8.7 on the stoned meter.

THC Levels

Moderately high levels of THC, the range being from 15-21%.


Green House Seed Company

Flowering Time

Approximately 8-9 weeks depending on the method used.

Ideal Growing Method

Organic soil with a SCROG setup.

Plant Height

Higher than 6 feet.


The Church generates a high yield. 700-800 grams per square meter.

Growing Skills

The Church can be grown by all levels of marijuana cultivators.

Potential Problems

Very resistant plant with little problems. Needs a lot of nutrients to grow well


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