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The Palin

The Palin

The Palin Strain

The Palin marijuana strain is a pure Indica strain. The genetic origins of The Palin are unknown. It was created at Patients Choice of Colorado Farms. It was inspired by Alaskan governor Sarah Palin to grow a 100% organic medical strain. It is an extremely powerful strain of marijuana and hits users like a ton of bricks. Novice cannabis users should stay away. As a pure Indica this will result in sleep and couch lock for the majority of users. It has a moderately high average THC content ranging between 15-22% and effects may last up to 4 hours. It is most often described as a warm fuzzy buzz that gradually spreads throughout the body. Users feel spaced out and distracted after taking The Palin. This strain has dense, popcorn shaped dark olive green buds with hints of light green that are specked with rich amber hued hairs as well as a layer of fine trichomes. The Palin is also quite sticky to the touch and has a very sour smell when ground up.

Why do Patients Use The Palin?

As a pure Indica strain, The Palin is perfect for chronic pain, insomnia, stress and relaxation. All pain and thoughts will simply melt away under the Indica onslaught. Not as effective for those looking for a lift or any of the euphoric effects or to remove depression. Definitely more suited towards an evening smoke as opposed to something to get patients through the day. The Indica effects are too powerful and it will sedate users to sleep.

Medical Uses of The Palin

Chronic Pain

Side-Effects of The Palin

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
Brain Fog
Loss of Motivation

Information about The Palin


100% Indica


Origins unknown.

Stoned Meter

The Palin has a rating of 8.0 on the stoned meter.

THC Levels

The Palin has an average range of THC between 15-22%.


Patients Choice of Colorado Farms

Flowering Time

Approximately 7-9 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

Indoor Sea of Green Method is ideal.

Plant Height

4-6 feet.


The Palin generates a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

The Palin is suitable for all marijuana all cultivators.

Potential Problems

Little problems with this resistant strain of marijuana.


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