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The Purps

The Purps

The Purps Strain

The Purps is a common and popular strain of marijuana that has a number of different names, most notably Mendocino Purps, Mendo Purps and simply Purps. It is an Indica dominant strain that won the 2007 and 2009 High Times Cannabis Cups. Mendo Purps has a sweet fruity flavor of berries and grapes with just a touch of spicy strawberry. The aroma is very spicy and earthy with a grapey overtone that’s accented beautifully by berries and strawberries as the buds are broken apart and burned. If you like the flavor, you’ll love the high. The Mendo Purps high is very relaxed and uplifting in nature with a sense of focus and motivation that quickly fades into deep introspection and calm. Mendocino Purps began as a clone-only plant, but BC Bud Depot developed a stable cross to make The Purps seeds available. THC levels of the Purps are around 20-24%.
This cannabis strain grows well both in and outdoors. It can grow 3-4 feet at harvest indoors and 6-8 feet outdoors. The exact Indica to Sativa ratio is unknown but is generally estimated to be 70% Indica dominant, so this is not a hugely Indica dominant strain. The taste has been described as a beautiful mix of caramel and pine. The 3 most common attributes associated with Mendo Purps are happiness, relaxation and euphoric. It is an all-time favorite among cannabis users, possibly just outside the top ten best all-around cannabis strains of all time (It is hard to beat AK47, Jack Herer, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Strawberry Cough, Northern Lights, Super Silver Haze, Bubba Kush and other classic historical heavyweights).

Why do Patients Use The Purps?

Being an Indica dominant, The Purps is most commonly prescribed for pain relief, insomnia, and eating disorders. It does tend towards Indica effects, and users will experience drowsiness and relaxation shortly after inhalation. However, the Sativa effects can make themselves known and there is something of a balance, making this s versatile medical strain that can be found in all quality medical dispensaries. Not for novice users due to its potency and not to be used in the morning time. CBD levels of this strain are low so it is not suitable for seizure-related conditions.

Medical Uses of The Purps

Eating disorders
Muscle Spasms

Side-Effects of The Purps

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about The Purps


Possibly around 70% Indica dominant.


Clone only plant

Stoned Meter

The Purps has a rating of 9.5 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The Purps has a THC range between 20-24%.


BC Bud Depot

Flowering Time

Around 60 days on average.

Ideal Growing Method

Does best in an indoor Sea of Green. Prefers moderate and temperate climates.

Plant Height

Larger than 6 feet outdoors, 3-5 feet indoors.


The Purps has a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

The Purps requires moderate growing skills.

Potential Problems

A strain that devours nutrients and is susceptible to mildew.


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