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Trainwreck #2

Trainwreck #2

Trainwreck #2 Strain

Trainwreck #2 (sometimes referred to as Trainwreck #2) is a top grade potent Sativa hybrid. Although the genetics of Trainwreck #2 remains a mystery, it is speculated that this strain is the result of crossing OG Kush and Neville’s Wreck. The Sativa to Indica ratio for this is around 80% Sativa dominant, so it is not an ideal bedtime strain. This makes Trainwreck #2 an extremely potent smoke with a THC level nearing 21% on average.The smell of this strain is rather unique. The most accurate description is a mix between pine and flowers. The taste is similar, difficult to describe yet most definitely pleasant. It is sweet and sour with a piney undertone that even leaves an aftertaste. Physically the strain is very dense which gives it a moist look. It is generally dark swampy green with lots of crystals making it a good strain for THC concentrates.

Why do Patients Use Trainwreck #2?

Like many other Sativa strains, this one has similar medicinal uses. Besides using it as anxiety/ medication, it is also prescribed to people with suffering from ADD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When inhaled, the smoker feels an instant buzz followed by an overwhelming surge of euphoria boosting attentiveness, creativity, and happiness. High Sativa strains are to be used with caution in medical patients with certain types of illnesses.

Medical Uses of Trainwreck 2

Minor and Chronic Pain

Side-Effects of Trainwreck #2

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Trainwreck #2


80% Sativa 20% Indica


Unknown genetics, possibly OG Kush and Neville’s Wreck.

Stoned Meter

Trainwreck 2 has a rating of 8.5 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels range from 19-22%



Flowering Time

Flowering time is approximately 60 days.

Ideal Growing Method


Plant Height

4-6 feet


Trainwreck 2 has a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

Trainwreck 2 requires moderate growing experience.

Potential Problems

No known problems associated with Trainwreck 2.

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  1. Avatar for Repa Repa April 10, 2018 / 7:45 pm / Reply

    Lol! I love this weed, great pic

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