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Whitaker Blues

Whitaker Blues

Whitaker Blues Strain

This is a classic strain with blended genetics from Blueberry and Quimby, an Indica from the West Coast. Blueberry lineage is famous worldwide, but Whitaker Blues is the product of the original breeder’s son. JD Short took his Dad, DJ Short’s, legendary strain and created a true Indica in both effect and looks. Whitaker Blues is a short, bushy plant more than capable of sedating the most traumatized among us.

Although an Indica-dominant strain, Whitaker Blues is initially energizing and enlivening. It slowly tapers into transcendental bliss ideal for complete rest, and it is notorious for its couch lock effect. This strain may be enticingly sweet to the taste, ranging from vanilla to fruitiness, citrus, and even floral, but use it cautiously if you have work commitments or social obligations.

Why Patients Use Whitaker Blues?

This is a relaxing strain, as all true Indicas are. It is suitable for sleepy, lazy occasions or just before bedtime. Its effects are euphoric and comfortably content. Whitaker Blues is calming, and it works to relieve any built up stress. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and painkiller, and because of its sedative properties, it is the perfect strain for muscular problems.

Medical Uses of Whitaker Blues






Muscle Spasms


Side Effects of Whitaker Blues

Dry Mouth

Information about Whitaker Blues


80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa


Whitaker Blues is a hybrid cross of West Coast Quimby and the legendary Blueberry.

Stoned Meter

This strain gets 8.5 out of 10 on the stoned meter. It is knock-you-out potent.

THC Levels

THC levels of Whitaker Blues are never less than 22 percent.


JD Short

Flowering Time

This plant flowers anywhere from seven weeks to nine weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

People grow this strain primarily indoors under optimized conditions.

Plant Height

As a short plant, Whitaker Blues grows dense buds but seldom exceeds three or four feet in height.


Whitaker Blues promises a big harvest. Its bud density is typical of Indica strains.

Growing Skills

This is an easy plant to grow, but some experience and skills can maximize yield.

Potential Problems

There may be a tendency toward mold, bud rot, and other diseases in high humidity.


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