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White Diesel

White Diesel

White Diesel Strain

White Diesel is a well-balanced hybrid that can be either Indica- or Sativa-dominant, depending on where you get it. It has the resinous qualities of White Widow, yet resembles NYC Diesel in taste and smell. It is deliciously pungent, and its citrusy smell is typical of its Diesel genetics. This is a potent strain, more valued for its effects than its yield.

Although White Diesel is a notoriously lazy strain, it does not put patients to sleep. You can still function after taking it, in a focused, clear-headed way. For this reason, it is a popular daytime choice for many patients. Its sticky, resinous buds have a fine layer of thin orange hairs to delight all of its users, and its high cannabinoid and THC levels make it a powerful medical strain.

Why Patients Use White Diesel?

This is a nice, uplifting strain. Patients enjoy the euphoric feeling it provides, and its mellowing properties are particularly relaxing. This strain is beloved for its ability to relieve depression and anxiety, and it is famous for treating gastrointestinal disorders and painful migraines. It smells delicious, tastes even better, and combines the effects of both Sativa and Indica most pleasantly.

Medical Uses of White Diesel

Lack of Appetite

Side Effects of White Diesel

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about White Diesel


60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa.


This is a cross between NYC Diesel and White Widow.

Stoned Meter

This strain gets an eight on the stoned meter. It is extremely potent.

THC Levels

Typical THC levels for White Diesel range between 20 percent and 22 percent.


White Label

Flowering Time

This strain flowers anywhere from 50 days to 65 days.

Ideal Growing Method

White Diesel grows well indoors and outdoors. It prefers a warm, dry, sunny climate.

Plant Height

This tall plant can grow to 1.5 meters in height, which can make discretion tricky.


White Diesel is a medium yielder. It provides a decent crop, but other strains yield more.

Growing Skills

You will need some gardening skills to grow White Diesel. Not a strain for beginners.

Potential Problems

These plants can get too tall for indoor spaces. Use pruning techniques for bushiness.

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  1. Avatar for Repa Repa March 10, 2018 / 9:59 am / Reply

    It give me power, strang, brightness!!

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