Recreational Pot Legal do's and don’ts

Recreational pot legal Do's and don'ts

Recreation Pot is now legalized in California, but this does not mean you can buy from online marijuana shops and other stores and use without limitations. There are few restrictions that you need to know. We have discussed some of them in this post.

Growing Weed

While businesses must get permission to grow weed for commercial purposes, you are allowed to grow up to six plants at home without obtaining a permit. The plants must be in an enclosed structure or indoors.

As some local governments may ban outdoor growth, it’s advisable that you check with your local government before growing so you can avoid trouble with the law enforcement officers.

Buying Weed

Any person over 21 years of age can legally buy and possess less than one ounce of weed from licensed marijuana dispensaries near me.

If you violate possession laws, you risk a fine of $500 and a maximum of 6 months in jail. It is good to stay smart to avoid such trouble.

Federal Government not lifted ban on Weed

While weed might be legal in many parts of California, the federal government has classified it as Schedule 1 drug alongside heroin and cocaine. You must be careful when you are traveling out of your state, traveling by air as well as any other circumstance that will subject you to federal law.

Landlord may ban Weed

The state Department of Health has allowed landlords and property owners to ban use of weed on their premises.

The agency also says individuals cannot possess or use weed on national parks and other federal lands, even if they happen to be in California. As well, no one can travel with weed to another state, even if the destination state has legalized weed.

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No Smoking Marijuana while riding in or driving a Vehicle

Nobody should snack on or light up any weed products while riding as a passenger in a vehicle or driving. The same applies to weed edibles.

As well, there are restrictions on where you can store weed while in your car. The substance must be sealed in a container with unbroken seal. If it’s in an open container, it should be locked away in a place such as the trunk.

Any violation of this new law will be considered an infraction and you will be punishable by a $70 fine.

Officers are fully trained and equipped to detect stoned drivers, and the penalty for this offense is like that for DUI.

No use of Pot in Public

The law has banned use of weed in public places. According to the Public Health Website, under no circumstances should a person smoke, consume, vape, or eat weed in public places.

As well, smoking weed in places where cigarette smoking has been banned is illegal, except when there is a local ordinance that expressly allows it usage. Such places include restaurants, school campuses, hospitals, public parks, bars, churches, stadia and other public buildings.

Two of the top California universities have said they aren’t planning to change their anti-marijuana policies any soon, so you are not going to be legally lit on campus any soon.

Recreational Weed in Sporting Events

Whether or not you can use recreational pot is a sporting event depends on the venue. While Proposition 64 prohibits public use of weed in public places, and most sporting events are considered as such, event planners can get a license so attendees can consume cannabis during the event. Attendees might only be allowed to use weed, and not tobacco or alcohol.

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While an individual can legally possess less than an ounce of weed at Los Angeles Airport, once they enter federal airspace they will be subject to federal law. The federal has outlawed transporting weed on aircraft.

Marijuana and Work

Employers may enforce zero-tolerance drug policies to improve workplace safety. But as medical cannabis is considered “special case,” employees may allow patients to use while at work.

Use of recreational pot in workplace is prohibited by most employees as alcohol is.

As marijuana gets people high, not one that operated heavy machinery may be allowed to marijuana dispensaries and use while at work.

There’s a lot you need to learn about California’s recreational cannabis. Keep checking out as more laws are in the pipeline so you can stay safe. Online marijuana shops are always up-to-date with weed and are one of the best places to get weed news as they break.

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