Regulations to Observe Following Weed Legalization in California

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Marijuana is finally legal in California. Before starting your celebrations there are a few things you need to know. The new regulations are relaxed but restrictive. Take note of this:

California is among the States that are ushering in new Marijuana laws following the legalization of Recreational marijuana on 1st January 20, 2018. The era of marijuana prohibition is behind us. It is now legal to trade and use recreational marijuana in California. California is not the only State welcoming legalization of marijuana.

This said, however, there are new laws, regulations and rules that govern the manner in which marijuana can be used, where it can be used and traded. The new rules are, however, confusing. In the interest of simplifying the rather complex new rules a summary of what to expect is outlined here. You will not at risk of getting of the wrong side of law if you understand and follow these simplified laws.

—> You can only buy marijuana products from licensed dealers. Adults above the age of 21 are allowed to buy weed from their favorite licensed spot. You have permission to have in possession a maximum of 28.5 grams marijuana.

—> Any adult living in California has authority to buy recreational weed as at 1st January 2018, 6 AM. This type of freedom has never been enjoyed here from the 1920s. As to where and how to rules please continue reading.

—> You cannot smoke weed in public. The new law allows local governments to issue licenses to cannabis microbusinesses. The shops will only allow adults to buy weed and use it onsite. It might take time to implement this. You might have to take your pot at home.

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—> It may not be possible to find a cannabis store at your local center for some of these reasons: Many towns are bowing out from permitting weed business within their locality; some cities have chosen to delay the kickoff date for allowing retailers as well. You might have to travel some distance before you find a licensed joint.

—> Never smoke weed while driving of drive under marijuana influence. The police are allowed to carry out a sobriety test following which they can enforce the law on any person found to be driving under influence. The same thing they do with the people DUI. If the police happen to find any evidence suggesting you could be using weed while driving, such as open baggie with vape pen or unwrapped edible, they could find you $100.

—> People found contravening the law prohibiting public smoking of weed will be subject to a $100 fine. In case you are caught smoking weed from a point where it is also illegal to smoke cigarettes you might be slapped with a $250 fine.

—> Marijuana is still considered a drug under schedule 1. This means that the drug is still forbidden at federal government level. Employers are legally permitted to test their employees and dismiss any employee found to be a marijuana user. Be sure to check the policy of your employer.

—> You can now grow marijuana without worry. California adults are now legally permitted to plant up to 6 cannabis plants in their residents. There are, however, some local governments that might prohibit marijuana cultivation outdoors. Before you plant weed check to make sure you are within the law. Indoor planting of marijuana is still legal though.

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—> In case you have a previous record of cultivation or possession of small weed quantities, you are allowed to place a petition before a court of law to have such a record permanently expunged.

—> You are not allowed to trade marijuana with minors. California has only licensed stores as a way of putting off illegal trade and keep marijuana from minors. You can give marijuana as a gift to another adult but not beyond 8 grams of weed concentrate.

—> You are not allowed to take or smuggle weed from California. You are not allowed to mail cannabis to someone from another State or even carry some weed for personal use out of the State.

With freedom comes responsibility. Legalization of marijuana in California was not a blanket move. It is important to comprehend the parameters within which possessing marijuana is legal.

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  1. Avatar for stuartamilley.69 stuartamilley.69 January 22, 2018 / 12:39 pm / Reply

    ABove mentioned points are very important to know. With freedom comes responsibility.

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