Scientist Says No to Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

Secondhand Marijuana

The legal retail of recreational marijuana kicked off in California with a bang on the first day of the year and already questions are streaming in about the effects of marijuana on health and society.

A researcher from the University of San Fransisco is undertaking the task of answering this question. His inspiration is reported to have come after attending a Paul McCartney a few years back, where he was no doubt exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke.

The scientist, Matthew Springer, reports that during one particular song a number of concert-goers lit up and that was when Springer had the idea to investigate what effect secondhand marijuana smoke had.

Springer recalls the air being filled with the aroma of marijuana as a cloud began to form above the crowd. He recalls thinking that cigarette smoke such as this would not be tolerated and that made him wonder whether people thought that marijuana smoke had little to none effect on those inhaling it as secondhand smoke. The wheels in his scientific mind began turning and he decided then to research whether the effect from secondhand marijuana smoke was good, bad or neutral.

Mathew Springer already had a foothold in the smoke research world, being a researcher on tobacco smoke and its effect on those inhaling it as secondhand smoke.

At the time he had been performing research on lab rats in his own laboratory at the University. Using the same testing structure he would run the same tests but this time he would use marijuana smoke.

Due to the fact that Mathew Springer’s research is funded by the federal funds and cannabis is still ruled as illegal under federal law, he would meet some challenges along the way. He would not be able to walk into any cannabis dispensary or use any online marijuana dispensary. Springer resolved to attain marijuana that had been approved from the government and to attain it from a government approved cannabis dispensary or online marijuana dispensary.

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Once Springer had the cannabis to test, he se up in the lab. Springer places a rolled up marijuana blunt in a box made of plexiglass. The joint is then lit and the smoke from the joint seeps into the chamber. A rat is asleep due to anesthetiser and he is laid down so that his head is exposed to the secondhand smoke.

Springer’s research team found that after studying the rats biological reactions there was indeed some effects. The published results state that after exposure to the secondhand smoke, the rats’ arteries did not expand so easily. The blood flow was thus effected.

Secondhand cigarette smoke causes this same effect and the effect lasts approximately half an hour. After a period of time the arteries return to their normal state and the blood flow resumes in a healthy manner. The lasting damage can occur when the smoke is continuously inhaled over a period of time. The artery walls become damaged and this is when serious health risks become commonplace.

With this particular experiment, Springer claims that the results show that the physiological consequences from cannabis smoke are the same as cigarette smoke.

Springer also reported that despite the effect lasting 30 minutes from tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke seemed to effect the arteries for about an hour and a half.

This experiment is not alone in the studies that present secondhand cannabis smoke as harmful.

However Springer defends cannabis and his studies. He states that his results do not form an anti marijuana, THC or CBD argument. Instead, he says that it is simply an anti smoking argument. Anything that is lit up and inhaled can be potentially damaging to the kings. Just because cannabis is considered as more natural and without as many chemicals as cigarettes and tobacco products does not mean that it has zero effect on the lungs when smoked.

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In conclusion, it seems that it is safer to consume cannabis by eating marijuana products or using a vaporiser. These different products can be fund in most cannabis dispensaries or online marijuana dispensaries.

However vaporisers also come with their own set of cautions. Vaporisers give off aerosolised chemicals in the ‘smoke’ that results. Ask a staff member at the cannabis dispensary for information or research online marijuana vaporisers.

In a mission to fully understand the health impacts surrounding marijuana and the paraphernalia used to enjoy it, Springer is now researching the effects that the vaporiser and the chemicals given off.

While the research takes time to produce solid findings, it is important to be aware of the laws and regulations for smoking cannabis that surround each area.

In the Golden State, cannabis smoking is prohibited the same way that tobacco is. In all the places that tobacco is prohibited, it is unlawful to smoke cannabis.

The new regulations will take some time to form and this is true to for the research as to the effects of secondhand smoke. The important things for each smoker to keep in mind is a general set of manners and respect for the people that surround you.

Proposition 64 contains proposals for some of the tax revenue that will stream in from legalised marijuana to be delegated to research the effects of marijuana. This will take time for the effects to be commonly know and until then if you are a smoker then be courteous and respectful of the regulations around smoking.

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