Setting-up Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Business Plan Made Easy

Setting Up Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Business Plan Made Easy

The prospects are becoming bright with each passing day; marijuana business has become real time business in the U.S today.

You will agree with me that not every business plan makes it across the margin; many have failed and the delicate terrain of marijuana is not an exception. To reap the full benefits in this business, you must have a solid business plan for your marijuana delivery. We are going to take you through all the knotty gritty of setting up a business plan that you will be proud of.

Financial Planning And Creating A Budget

You definitely have strategic goals for your marijuana delivery service. Goals are met when they are backed up with the commensurate financial plan of action. How much is involved? How are you going to source the revenue? You must get this solidly on the ground.

The Business License Of Marijuana Delivery Service

The first step is to get the business license and registrations in place before you can trade in marijuana. It is very easy; the same applies to dispensaries when they are to deliver marijuana. Medical marijuana delivery service plan involves two major steps:

Our point of reference shall be the delivery service in CA:


You are strongly advised to set up a non-profit collective corporation- it is complete with the relevant laws. You will have to obtain a federal tax ID number as well as a California Sellers Permit.

You can obtain all the above in one fell swoop from a reputable site. Take your time and look through some of the relevant sites to see what they look like. Choose the one that gives all the above benefits in one swoop.

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You have to obtain the marijuana delivery membership agreement run foul of the laws for all your members in your chain of distribution. These things have to be in place; they are very primary to your Medical marijuana delivery service.

The next thing in order of protocol is to obtain an authorization permit to grow marijuana. Those are the basic steps that you must put in place before you can effectively go into medical marijuana delivery service that will not give you any hiccups.

Choosing Your Base

This is a compulsory requirement because you need a store for your ware. You have to check for the existing laws in the location so that you will not run afoul of the laws in the area. If you own a property that meets with the requirement fine; but if not, you have to lease one.

The Process Of Documentation

This is a delicate business that involves the intricacies of the law. You have to be well prepared and armed- not with the gun, but with all relevant documents relevant to the Medical marijuana delivery service. Get them ready in both hard and soft copies. If the hard copies get missing, you can fall back to your soft copy and vice versa.
It is recommended that you get the software – the medical marijuana software; you can get through research on the net; it will get you properly organized and make the documentation process easy.

Plan For A Patient Consultation

You cannot sell to non-members of the cooperative or the collective. You need members who would not pitch you against the law; therefore you should set up a patient consultation to ascertain the following:

  • Be sure they have a valid doctor’s recommendation.
  • Make them sign every page of the membership agreement
  • Educate them on how they can contribute individually and collectively to the goals of the organization.
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You Must Be Able To Very A Doctor’s Recommendation

You are not allowed to sell medical marijuana to the wrong people not covered by the law. That is the greatest mistake you will make in this business. You must be able to verify the doctor’s recommendation for you to know who to and who not to sell to.

Understand Your Product

Some variants of cannabis are taken on specific instruction from the doctor. You and your team should be versed in this area so as to be able to carry out the doctor’s prescriptions.

Inspect Your Product For Quality

You can use the magnifying glass to see the quality of your marijuana or otherwise before you deliver to your clients. There are also some online services that can help you to test the quality of your cannabis.

The Price Of Your Marijuana

One easy way is to conduct a price comparison of Medical marijuana delivery service in the area of your operation. If competition is high; price yours lower than prices on offer in the area; if there is not much competition, let your price range be closer to the available ones.

The Marketing/Advertising Strategy

Take your time to research and understand what the law says before going on with your marketing/advertising strategy.

Final Notes

Medical marijuana delivery service involves some high risks. Read carefully through all we have shared here and make sure you understand every step from start to finish. That done, you will not run against the relevant laws.

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