SFV OG: Everything to Know

San Fernando Valley is famous. The infamous cannabis breeders, Cali Connection Farms, have been creating cannabis strains from within its lush spaces. Its most popular strain, simply San Fernando Valley OG, or just SFV OG, is a particular favorite across California, even beyond. A regular strain for marijuana delivery to patients statewide, SFV OG contains a myriad of highly valuable medicinal properties.

SFV OG: Genetics

SFV OG is a hybrid strain with Sativa-heavy genes. It measures around 70 percent Sativa and only 30 percent Indica. This strain is a phenotype of the notorious and much-loved OG Kush, and is itself parent to other famous strains, such as Ghost Train Haze and Tahoe OG. The strain has wide cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpenoid profiles, giving it a full spectrum edge over many of its competitors.

SFV OG: Appearance

If sexy buds are what you enjoy, then SFV OG will not disappoint. A dark, healthy green, its olive-colored leaves are very attractive. For Sativa-heavy strains, this one has surprisingly broad leaves, dense nugs, which are all qualities more indicative of Indica. Nugs can be small, Sativa-like too. Maroon-tinged buds, red-hued hairs, and a thick coating of trichomes, buds rarely come better looking than these do.

SFV OG: Flavor

SFV OG is sticky and pungent too. It is tasty, with a fruity flavor profile. It smells like tangerines, with perhaps a hint of diesel. Limonene is the terpene responsible for its citrusy pine flavor, common in Sativa strains. However, its fuel undertones are due to myrcene, a terpene more plentiful in Indicas. Both have therapeutic properties all their own, and both have an influence on SVG OG’s effects.

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SFV OG: Potency

As far as potency goes, SFV OG is a potent strain, but it is not so potent it overwhelms. Independent laboratory tests measure tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, levels anywhere from 17 percent to 22 percent. Since THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, the one responsible for making you “high,” this is moderate to strong. It is ideal for newbies, and you can use it anytime, for any occasion.

SFV OG: Effects

SFV OG hits quickly. You feel it near immediately. It starts with a cerebral buzz that leaves you feeling energized. It makes completing projects easier, getting jobs done faster, and it increases productivity notably. SFV OG is a social strain. A happy strain. It does have a strong Indica kick, however. Eventually, it will put you to bed in a contented, dreamy state. What is more, it will keep you there until morning.

SFV OG: Health Benefits

For medical patients treating an array of health conditions, SFV OG proves an effective strain. Because of its high cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile, the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains how you get the best of them all. The entourage effect of all these compounds working together, each with their own therapeutic effects, makes this strain especially helpful. Folks commonly use it for relieving:

· Inflammation

SFV OG is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It works to reduce inflammation at its source, targeting its cause. If inflammation is the root of most modern illnesses, then lowering inflammation levels and managing inflammatory response is essential to overall health. This strain does both well.

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· Pain

One of the main reasons for the popularity of SFV OG is its ability to numb pain. It treats pain at its location, as well as to manipulate pain perception. Whether acute or chronic, neuropathic or muscular, this strain is especially good at providing quick and lasting relief from even the most excruciating pain.

· Anxiety and Depression

SFV OG is an extremely potent anxiolytic. This means is calms anxiety at all levels. It is also a powerful antidepressant. Anyone who ever tries this strain knows how impossible it is to feel any negativity. The ability of this strain to calm anxiety and boost mood is among its most widespread uses.

· Muscular Disorders

From intense spasms to convulsions, SFV OG helps. This powerful strain is a notable muscle relaxant, especially in big doses. Even muscular pain and tension is forgettable on SFV OG, whether stress- or sports-related. The muscle-calming effects of this strain make it favored by muscular sclerosis patients.

· Insomnia

If you struggle to sleep, then SFG OG can ensure the most blissful shuteye. Even if it takes a few hours for its sleepy effects to kick in, you will sleep very well when you go to bed. In large doses, its Indica effects can work faster, as it makes the strain more tranquilizing. Even the worst insomniacs find relief.

· Epilepsy

SFV OG is a good strain for treating epilepsy. This is especially true during the day. Some of the most effective strains for epileptics are powerful Indicas, many too sedating for chronic patients. SFV OG has energetic effects. It helps to motivate and stay awake, all while reducing number and severity of attacks.

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· Nausea

Of available antiemetics, most prefer natural solutions to pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis is a powerful antiemetic, and this strain, in particular, contains several compounds with these properties specifically. SFV OG quells nausea and settles the stomach. It stops vomiting. It does so most effectively.

Weed Delivery San Fernando Valley

Marijuana delivery is widely available in the San Fernando Valley area. Almost every driver is carrying SFV OG for a client, possibly even several. A quick Google search for “marijuana delivery near me” will give you options anywhere in California. If they do not have this strain, go elsewhere. Most everybody does. Until you try the local buds, you will never have a true California cannabis experience.

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    Learned a lot! Bomb strain for sure

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    Nice article that is accurate. I have grown this strain many times and is my favorite medicine for headaches. Yet it helps my daytime with positive energy, and happy thoughts.

    Yet she is more effective for sleep than my purer Indica strains. Go figure… But the original version is the best!

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