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If you are a marijuana user you probably notice that you eat a lot after having a dose. It happens like clockwork. Have a dose, and then eat. Have a dose and then eat. This happens whether you were hungry or not. As you might have guessed, there’s a scientific reason for this.

Typically, when someone is hungry their body lets them know. Some stomachs start grumbling. Mouths get dry. Food appears in dreams. Some even get weak. And with all these outward signs the brain and the body are sending signals too. Signals that make the body show that state of hunger.

Pot smokers may say they are not hungry before they take a dose. But they are definitely hungry after. So what does marijuana cannabis do to send signals of hunger?

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A new study by the Nature Neuroscience journal answers these questions. There are some cells in the brain that affect our appetite; the pro-opiomelanocortin, or POMC neurons, is one of those cells. In marijuana, the main psychoactive ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The researchers conducted the study on mice. The experiment showed that animals that got THC had more active POMC neurons.

The Pomc genes produce the POMC neurons. And apparently the Pomc genes produce two types of proteins. One type tells the body it is full. The other type tells the body it is hungry. The THC does not have an effect of the protein that says the body is full. Instead, the THC only works off the protein that says the body needs food. So what essentially happens is that though you were not hungry the THC in marijuana ends up telling your body you need food.

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Besides this evidence, history tells us that having marijuana will make you feel hungry. Ask any marijuana user you know. They will tell you that smoking Pot will give you the munchies.

That’s not a bad thing. Though if you are on a diet you might disagree. But certainly that won’t stop you from smoking pot. Put it this way, smoking pot will make you hungry. But, scientists also say marijuana use is linked to intelligent people. Studies show that people who are intelligent and open-minded are more likely to have or have had marijuana.

In addition to that, marijuana has numerous health benefits. It is used for conditions such as diabetes, insomnia and pain relief. And it is easy to get as you have an option to order pot online. Especially with the industry growing, the marijuana delivery service makes it convenient to get a dose.

Don’t let some snack cravings deter you from smoking pot. It might be more beneficial to you than you realize. And with the amount of marijuana delivery service options, order pot online and get your supply easily. So munch away. Read latest cannabis news.

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    History tells us that having marijuana will make you feel hungry. You know, if you are marijuana user. Pot will give you the munchies.

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