Some Useful Ideas for Extra Bud

If you are growing your own cannabis, then this is a time when you might have more than you know what to do with. Harvest is a time of plenty after months of searching “weed delivery San Fernando Valley” in Google. Just one plant or two can produce more than you need. Of course, you can store all of it for later, but there is always the likelihood that you will get tired of smoking bud after bud. 

You might want to try something else in a month or two. Certainly, you will look forward to something new after several months. Another method of consumption perhaps, another form of weed. Fortunately, you can do much with extra bud. When you harvest or otherwise come into plenty, then here are some ideas to diversify your stash, make it go further, keep it fresh and make it last longer: 

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is about the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to use extra weed without having to use chemicals. It involves using extreme cold to remove trichomes from plants to make hash. Bubble hash melts. It bubbles. It is how it got its name. Six-star hash, or full melt, is the most refined, with one star being the least. You need lots of bud to make it. An ounce, if not more, is the very least you need. 

Simply soak your buds in the iciest water possible for at least 20 minutes. A five-gallon bucket will allow you to agitate it properly by giving it a good shake or stir. Then, pour this mixture into a set of pre-purchased mesh Bubble Bags and place inside another bucket. These bags have different micro grades, with the finer preferred. As you remove them one by one, you will further refine your bubble hash. 

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You can also make rosin easily at home without using any chemicals. You only need to apply heat and pressure. Using two heated plates, you press the buds between them and then gather all the oozing hot oil that comes out. A curling iron will work with just parchment paper, but you must squeeze until the buds crackle. A rosin press is a better investment, though, but it could cost a few hundred dollars. 

Rosin presses include a simple device, like a puck, that you can pack your flower into before pressing it. This makes life neater, cleaner, and much easier. Once pressed, you can just remove the weed from the paper and scrape off the rosin. There is no need to wait either. Rosin is ready for use immediately. You can use a dab tool to load it onto your dabbing setup and enjoy the rest of your day. 


Cannabutter is a must-have if you have the weed to make it. This allows you to make edibles anytime at home, without ever inhaling anything. It too is easy to make. You just break your bud down into smaller pieces before putting it in your oven for decarboxylation. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this process uses heat to convert tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, into its psychoactive form.

After decarboxylation at very low heat for 30 minutes, you simmer the weed in butter for a while. This allows THC to bind with the fat into a rich and creamy cannabutter. Then strain this through cheesecloth, allow it to solidify, and use it to make whatever you want, from starters through any main course and onto dessert. You can even use coconut oil instead of butter. Any fat will work. 

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Cannagars are similar to dense and potent Thai sticks. You will need a special mold to make them. Once acquired, grind two or three grams of bud finely. Then pack it tightly into the mold, which should have a stick through its middle. Leave it for some time, until it solidifies, and then remove the stick to allow for airflow. You can use rolling papers, if you want. Even leaves. You can also douse it in hash oil or stronger. 


Tinctures are undeniably the most discreet. You cannot smell them and just a drop or two under the tongue will work quickly to make you buzz. The process to make it might take longer than other methods, however, but it will last longer than they will. To make tincture, you soak your buds in wood grain alcohol, maybe a 750-milliliter bottle for every ounce of weed. 

As with cannabutter, you will have to put your weed through decarboxylation before using it to make tincture. Once done, you can just leave it submerged in alcohol for a few weeks and shake it every day. A mason jar always works well for this. When ready, simply strain it through a coffee filter to remove the weed from it. Although they take a while, tinctures really are very easy to make. 

Bonus Tip: Finger Hash

All this handling of bud will leave a delightful resin on your hands. You can use this too. It makes excellent hash, called Finger Hash. Much like rubbing dirt off your hands, you just rub it off and roll it into balls of potent delight. It can feel harsh on the throat, but this is a quick and easy way to get properly high while you dry, cure, and prepare your harvest for use. It makes the job enjoyable. 


Final Thoughts

What you cannot smoke, infuse or press, you must store correctly. Incorrect storage can ruin your buds and leave you searching Google for “weed delivery San Fernando Valley” again. Use airtight containers and keep them in a dry, cool area away from sunlight, children, and pets. Burp them occasionally to keep humidity levels right, or invest in Boveda packs or similar. Remember to use labels properly. 

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