State-of-the-Art Medical Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing Facilities Unveiled in North Los Angeles County City of Lancaster

Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing

Lisa Selan and Bob who are the pioneering leaders have divulged two expansive state of the art medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facilities located at Northern Los Angeles County’s city in Lancaster.

These two facilities are intended to meet the demands of those cultivators and manufacturers surrounded by the entire cannabis industry whereby the project serve tenants with fully-integrated approach to tackle medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and later distribute it hence create a tenable business helm spearheaded to the cannabis industry.

Fox Field

Near William Barnes Fox Field Airport, lies the Fox Field covering a 32-acre site. This property will comprise of an industrial and a mixed light constructions set aside for the purpose of medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing that will be constructed in multiple phases. First phase will comprise 90,000 square feet including a security guard entrance building and a 10,000 square feet facility for storage having 70,000 square feet intended to serious lease negotiations. The developer of the project, Selecta bis Fox Field, LLC, has plans to make a ground breaking on the first quarter come 2018 which will formulate Phase one. A pre-lease of Phase Two is on progress that comprises an additional of 30,000 square feet, 90,000 square feet primarily for cultivation and manufacturing units with at least 10,000 square units to serve potential lessees.

Selectabis Fox Field, LLC are the developers of Fox Field and owns it while Bob and Lisa Selan, Lisa Selan and Billy Ruvelson and Harvey Englander are the managing members

Onion Plant

At the intersection of Trevor Avenue and Avenue H-6 West is the Onion Plant that covers a 12.5 acre site which comprises an existing 53,000 square feet processing facility that is already one Hundred percent leased to tenants of medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.

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Onion Plant LLC whose co-managing members are Bob and Lisa Selan and Harvey Englander are the owners of the Onion Plant and have plans of developing an additional 150,000 square feet to occupy the neighbouring vacant land.

The ultimate climate of the area will offer favorable conditions for the both campus for concrete tilt-ups for indoor cultivation, unstable and stable manufacturing as state of the art mixed structures to benefit them.

Lisa Selan gave a congratulatory statement to Lancaster City for its adoption to the law that allows both cultivating and manufacturing of medicinal cannabis products. Lisa further applaud the California State which as from 1, J January 2018 will provide business licenses to commercial cannabis hence making its historic move. This shall create a hub for jobs and new industry that will uplift the living standards of the people living in that City and community.

Bob Selan said that, “professionals in real estate and cannabis have been involved in the two large-scale manufacturing and cultivation to design the buildings so that they meet the tenant needs, laws and regulations of the state for their businesses to be licensed.

Bob Selan further said that both Fox Field and Onion Plant firms will offer an arena for tenant’s facilties for secure licenses, strong management that will guarantee success through efficient distribution to Los Angeles and California based cannabis medical retail businesses.

About the Principals & Team

Bob and Lisa Selan who partner with the Selan Law firm that based in Los Angeles have adequate expertise in real estate, corporate and entrainment whereby Bob Selan who is the co-founded the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has been in the four previous decades a real estate developer in the Southern California. They are in acknowledgment to the fact that they are the spear headers of the present cannabis laws and practices through their involvement in writing of the same for the last nine years through local municipalities. Moreover he initiated and planned several acquisitions and mergers across the Medical Marijuana sector.

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Lisa Selan is a corporate compliance expert in every matter of the cannabis industry in the State of California and the City of Los Angeles formed the UCBA Trade Association in 2015 making her the General Counsel for the principal trade association of legal dispensaries and cultivators in the City of Los Angeles.

Lisa who has been in helpful in partnering with seasoned lobbyists in Los Angeles, Lancaster and Sacramento represents owners, cultivators, manufacturers and distributors hence plays a key role in the California state licensing that will be effected on 1st January 2018.

Billy Ruvelson is the President of The Icon Company. He has developed a great student housing project near university campuses.

Another team member is Harvey Englander who is the founder of Englander Knabe & Allen (EKA) and has twice been named one of the most influential 500 people in Los Angeles while Gary Townsend who is a former Chief Deputy Los Angeles County Assessor has significant experience in both local and national politics. On the other hand, Frank Visco was the previous owner of the Fox Field property and currently is a businessman, community leader. April Bartlett, President of Block Properties, Inc. is a local Antelope Valley real estate broker who has been part of the development team for both projects over the past year. She has been a resident of the Antelope Valley for over 35 y

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  1. Avatar for Amile Amile November 25, 2017 / 9:36 am / Reply

    Cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facilities are intended to meet the demands of those cultivators and manufacturers for cannabis industry which can tackle medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and later distribute.

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    Great…I’m interested to work with you, where apply… I have experience in cultivation

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