Study Finds Cannabis Motivating College Students

Study Finds Cannabis Motivating College Students

Despite widespread belief that cannabis turns people into couch potatoes, the opposite is proving true. As more college students search Google for “weed delivery Los Angeles,” studies are finding it increasing their motivation notably. Published in the Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology journal, the study highlights some important findings.  

This study investigated the lingering stereotype of lazy stoners. It recruited 47 college kids for participation, 25 of which used cannabis regularly and 22 not at all. It put them through its Effort Expenditure for Rewards Task, a series of assessments into behavior. The study’s authors wanted to know the effect of weed on their actions immediately after.  

Studying Motivation

Researchers set about this task with gusto. In the past, studies into motivating behavior used, according to them, “divergent methodology and have not controlled for key confounding variables.” In an attempt to include those variables, this study found that “past-month cannabis use and cannabis use disorder symptoms predicted the likelihood of selecting a high-effort trial.” 

In plain speak, this means that heavy weed users proved significantly more likely to choose tasks that require more motivation than those chosen by non-users. The American Psychological Association explains this well. They wanted to make more effort. Challenge themselves more. Perform better than their counterparts did. None lay about, proving this damaging stereotype false. Doubt no longer exists. 

They wrote, “The results provide preliminary evidence suggesting that college students who use cannabis are more likely to expend effort to obtain reward, even after controlling for the magnitude of the reward and the probability of reward receipt.” Perhaps stoners just want it more, as they further wrote, “thus, these results do not support the amotivational syndrome hypothesis.” 

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What This Really Means

Accordingly, the study’s authors concluded that, “Contrary to the amotivational syndrome hypothesis, college students using more cannabis were more likely to select the high-effort choice option, regardless of the reward magnitude, probability, and expected value of the overall reward.” Seems they just wanted to do it, for fun, for reward, to keep busy. 

“Although there was not a significant difference between cannabis use groups,” researchers explained, “there was a medium sized effect, lending consistent support for an association between cannabis use and greater high-effort choices.” This is very promising, but the need even for such a study is moot for any weed lover. Anybody who uses it knows well its busy and uplifting effects. 

The study team did caveat a few shortcoming with their analysis. For one, the results do not signal with certainty that regular marijuana use is the sole cause of “impairment-free goal-directed behavior.” The sample study was also very small. As such, larger studies are necessarily that adjust for other factors that could potentially also motivate higher effort among users. 

Other Hinting Effects

Similarly, a 2019 study found cannabis users exercising more afterward. Unanimously, they report that using before, during, and even after exercise enhances the experience and improves recovery. What is more, those using weed to boost their fitness routine have a tendency to exercise healthier, both in type of exercise and in how much they do of it. It betters mood too. Significantly. This, everybody knows. 

Then, a study in 2020 of older folks found too that marijuana lovers engage in exercise that is more robust. Ultimately, they proved more physical than non-users over the course of the trial, a total of four months. Last, yet another study found teenage use “did not predict changes in motivation, which suggests that cannabis use may not lead to reductions in motivation over time.” 

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The Catch 

Of course, there is always a catch. Cannabis comes in many different strains. Crosses of crosses of crosses mean that new strains come to life every day. Not all strains are equal. Not all energize. Naturally, not all motivation is physical. However, Indica strains have a tendency to relax more, even tranquilize. As such, sleepy strains do not complete any jobs or inspire much physical effort. 

Instead, they can prove creatively motivating. Some are quite introspective, allowing users to find motivation in ideas and academic endeavor. While all strains motivate in their way, this makes it important to choose those most suitable for your schedule. For students with classes to attend, sports to excel at, and dreams to achieve, choosing right can make all the difference. 

Los Angeles Weed Delivery

More students are using cannabis than ever before. Thankfully then, this study is very good news. If you too need some motivation, then weed is available easily near you. Simply search “weed delivery near me” to find it and remember that not all strains are the same. Try a few and find those you enjoy most, those most useful for your many plans. Experiment with energetic strains and enjoy the adventure.

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