Support for Cannabis - Celebrities That Help Clean Marijuana’s Image

Support for Cannabis - Celebrities That Help Clean Marijuana’s Image

Marijuana has received a lot of publicity in the past few years and it’s legalization for recreational use has been heavily debated. Recently, the public voted to legalize recreational cannabis in California and that provided significant momentum to the industry. This is mostly because marijuana has gotten a lot of positive press and support from high-profile people, including celebrities. There are many who are quite vocal in favor of either medical or both medical and recreational marijuana and some of them are mentioned below:

Bill Gates
This might come as a surprise to many, but Bill Gates is a supporter of marijuana. He might not have spoken on the subject much, but sometimes actions speak more than words. The billionaire and business wiz said “Yes” when the vote for initiative 502 to legalize recreational marijuana use was carried out in Washington State. He has publically stated that it’s a good idea to see how policy for recreational use works in a few states before creating a national policy on the matter.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman is probably everyone’s favorite Hollywood personality. From his distinct voice to his acting prowess, he has charmed the entire nation for decades now. His fans know him to be very open minded on a surprising number of things, including recreational use of marijuana. He has declared that we should legalize marijuana across the board. He has openly admitted that he consumes medical marijuana to deal with chronic pain of fibromyalgia

David Letterman
David Letterman might seem like a surprising person to be on this list, but he has publically admitted to smoking a small amount of marijuana almost every night at some point of his life. He claimed that was the reasons why he was so calm and mellow in some of this early shows and presentations.

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Rihanna’s presence in this list isn’t surprising at all. She’s a known rebel and is always intent on following her own mind and desires. She doesn’t shy away from posting pictures of her smoking weed on social media and has openly admitted that she smoked almost every day. While she has taken some steps to curb the habit, she’s still a very active support for marijuana legalization.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston might not portray the rebel aura that Rihanna exudes, but she’s no stranger to marijuana. In fact, she has openly admitted to smoking occasionally and is fully in support for legalization. Many Aniston fans might be surprised by this but Aniston believes there’s nothing wrong with the habit.

Miley Cyrus
This is another name on the list that won’t surprise many people because like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus isn’t afraid to do what she wants and have her own opinions. She’s very vocal and enthusiastic about her support of marijuana legalization. In an interview with the Rolling Stones, she called it the best drug on earth.

Willie Nelson
The beloved country music star has been an active and ardent supporter of marijuana legalization for a long time now. He actually owns a cannabis company and sells products in states where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use. He has always believed that marijuana has health benefits and uses it to feel more rested and relaxed.

Snoop Dog
Snoop Dog is very vocal about his support of marijuana and has used it on camera a number of times. If you watch is documentary, you’ll notice that he uses marijuana quite often in the video. Snoop Dog also owns a marijuana company called Leafs by Snoop and sells his products in Canada and Colorado only.

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Lady Gaga
Does it really surprise you that Mother Monster is on this list? In fact, it would be surprising if Lady Gaga wasn’t present on this list. She has openly admitted to smoking weed to help deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with her profession. She smokes on a regular basis and is consistently vocal in her support for marijuana and its benefits.

Justin Timberlake
Timberlake has been a teen heartthrob for several years and is very careful about what he supports and doesn’t. While his support for marijuana might come as a surprise to most, it’s not something he shies away from. He has admitted to smoking weed on several occasions but his reasons for supporting legalization go beyond simple consumption. He believes legalization and regulation of marijuana will reduce crime rates by providing controlled access to people.

As you can see, there are many celebrities and well-respected people who support legalization and believe in the benefits of marijuana. This has contributed significantly to the reputation and image of marijuana and shed a positive light on the drug. Without the visibility and approval provided by big-name personalities, the marijuana legalization wouldn’t have gotten the momentum it did.

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