Surviving Coronavirus with Cannabis Parenting

The pandemic, riots, national protests, and constant lockdown with family are proving challenging for everybody, especially parents. Surviving today’s news requires much social connection, mental and emotional support, and every other tool in the proverbial parenting toolbox. Of course, this includes marijuana delivery – for many, a necessity in times of stress, anxiety, and insecurity. Cannabis parenting is fast becoming a new trend, especially in states with liberalized cannabis laws.

Parents are turning to weed. It is helping keep many calm and sane during these times. Whether you are trying weed for the first time in this pandemic, or whether you are an old stalwart wanting to adjust your usage patterns during challenging times, there are some factors to consider. Call them suggestions:

What Makes You A Better Parent?

As with all other substances you can consume, the effect of cannabis will be unique to your individual body chemistry. Some substances, like alcohol, make you an awful parent; others improve your parenting skills. Deciding which strains work best for you requires some experimentation. Making mistakes with the wrong strains forms part of this trial and error. However, these mistakes are natural.

When deciding which strains to try, determine your reason for dosing in the first place. What are you hoping to experience? How do you want to feel? Cannabis parenting requires balancing the strains you use. If you have much to do, are busy, then find strains that give energy, improve mental function, and keep you awake and alert all day. However, if you need to sleep, as most parents do, this will not work.

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Some strains have sedating, even tranquilizing effects. These stains are more suited to evening and nighttime use. If you use them when you are busy, you might not finish what you need to do. Indica strains, in particular, are notorious for their sleepy effects. If you need to keep awake through the night, then your motivating Sativa strains can help you finish your shift.

What Products are best for Home Use?

Choosing the right strain is but one part of the cannabis journey. Other products are available for marijuana delivery too, not just smokables. As much as you might love a joint, or a bowl, buds are not always ideal for cannabis parenting. They smell. They create smoke. All of which exposes your children to marijuana. Tinctures, vapes, edibles, even beverages are more discreet and better for parenting:


Vaping is extremely popular. In fact, it is even more potent than smoking flowers. Vape pens and portable vaporizers are perfect for cannabis parents wanting to avoid the pungency of weed and hide their usage somewhat. Some vaporizers are compatible with buds too, and most can fit into your pocket easily and without anyone ever seeing them. They are compact, portable, and suitable to use anywhere.

Edibles and Tinctures

Cannabinoid-derived oils are great for cannabis parenting. You can infuse them into tinctures, edibles, and even drinks. Tinctures you just hold a drop under your tongue for a second or two before swallowing. Effects are fast, since the mucosal linings of the mouth absorb it quickly. Edibles, however, take longer to feel. They are effective, though. What is more, they come in all manner of tasty foods.

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These two product categories require the least work. They create no odor whatsoever. More importantly, both of these methods stay active much longer in the body than other types of cannabis products. The only downside is dosing, the measuring of which can prove trying. Tinctures usually come with a measured dosing dropper. Edibles come pre-dosed to make accurate measuring easier.

Do Not Forget: Marijuana Is No Cure All

Weed is wonderful. However, it is not a cure for the trauma and stress of surviving a worldwide pandemic. It is magic, and it can help, but it is no cure. Recently, researchers began studying the changes in mental health across the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 40 percent of adults now show signs of anxiety or depression. This was at 11 percent just last year.

Cannabis, as an anxiolytic and antidepressant, can help keep these feelings at bay. It can help hold your mental state together for your kids. COVID-19 requires parents care for themselves as best they can in order to care for the little ones depending on them. After trying weed, you might decide it is not for you. Other alternatives can help too, such as cannabidiol, or CBD. Know that options exist. Aplenty.

Weed Delivery Los Angeles

No matter where in Los Angeles you live, or anywhere in California for that matter, weed is easily available. Every dispensary sells a variety of products. You can even get more of them online. Search “marijuana delivery near me” in your preferred search engine to see what names come up. Not all are reputable, so be sure to scrutinize each company thoroughly before parting with any of your money.

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You can stay home with the kids and have your sanity arrive on your doorstep in 45 minutes, probably less. No need to venture out and expose yourself to the virus, endangering your children. Many strains are on offer, as well as a variety of different types of products to try. Always remember, especially with children around, to go slowly at first, at least until you know that your body handles cannabis well.

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